Chester City, PA – Injuries Reported in Car Accident on I-95 at Chestnut St

Chester City, PA - Injuries Reported in Car Accident on I-95 at Chestnut St
August 24, 2022

Chester City, PA (August 24, 2022) – Around 2:30 p.m., Chester City Fire Department crews were dispatched to a reported motor vehicle accident.

The incident rendered the area of southbound Interstate 95 and Exit 6 to Chestnut Street inaccessible, according to officers with the Chester City Police Department.

This incident between two vehicles resulted in one vehicle turning over and trapping its passengers within. Both vehicles were so severely damaged that they needed to be hauled away from the scene of the collision.

In addition, initial reports suggest that three of the victims required evacuation to a medical institution. It was claimed that one person was trapped inside one of the cars, necessitating the rescue personnel’s use of a spreader and cutting equipment to extricate the individual from the vehicle.

Even though a thorough investigation is still ongoing, it is yet unknown whether or not penalties or charges will be made in relation to the accident.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the injured victims and their families at this time.

Accidents Causing Serious Injuries in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

According to traffic analysts, rear-end crashes were the second most common type of two-car collision in Pennsylvania in 2014. With over twenty thousand collisions occurring year, all motorists must practice prudence behind the wheel. Statistically, a driver who impacts the car in front of him is determined to be at blame in a rear-end collision. This could spell trouble for you if you cause one.

In Pennsylvania, the majority of rear-end collisions occur when a vehicle is stopped at a traffic light or stop sign and is struck from behind. In certain instances, it is straightforward to determine who is at fault. Keep in mind that rear-end collisions are not always so straightforward.

We frequently consider rear-end collisions to be small fender benders. However, rear-end collisions can be equally as lethal as frontal collisions. It is still possible to sustain serious injuries in rear-end collisions.

What happens to your body in a rear-end collision relies significantly on the speed of the crash. The majority of rear-end collisions occur when you abruptly stop, and the automobile behind you crashes into you. The energy of the opposing vehicle abruptly transfers to your vehicle, propelling you ahead. The seat belt stops your forward motion and instantly snaps your body backward. The rapid forward motion can have severe consequences that don’t always emerge as “injuries” until hours or days after your head, neck, and back collide with the seat and headrest.

If you were critically injured in a rear-end incident that was not your fault, the driver who caused the accident should pay for your treatment as well as any lost wages or medical expenditures. This is due to the fact that the driver who caused the collision was responsible for it.

Insurance companies will regularly go to considerable efforts to avoid paying for services such as long-term care or income replacement in the case of your disability from a car crash, even if they are ready to pay for some necessary medical operations.

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