Gloucester Township, NJ – Rte 42 Site of Car Accident, Injuries at Atlantic City Expy

Gloucester Township, NJ - Rte 42 Site of Car Accident, Injuries at Atlantic City Expy
August 20, 2022

Gloucester Township, NJ (August 20, 2022) – On Saturday afternoon, August 20, an injury-causing vehicle collision occurred on a major road in the Gloucester Township area.

According to Gloucester authorities, a crash occurred at 4:05 p.m. on Route 42 southbound near the Atlantic City Expressway. At least two cars passing through the region both wrecked for reasons that are now unknown. Further, both automobiles were severely damaged and had to be hauled from the scene of the accident.

Emergency personnel such as paramedics, firefighters, and others were dispatched to assist the victims. At least one person was hurt, and emergency crews rushed them to nearby medical facilities. Nonetheless, their current state and the causes of their wounds are unknown.

The route was blocked for hours when the police finally started clearing the rubble. Though no new information has been uncovered, the investigation into the wreck’s cause and specifics is ongoing.

We pray for a speedy recovery for the injured and their loved ones.

Injuries from New Jersey Car Crashes

Tens of thousands of car crashes happen every day in the Garden State. While the vast majority of these incidents are minor crashes or fender benders, some of the injuries sustained are catastrophic. Sadly, nearly 59,500 people in New Jersey were injured in motor vehicle collisions in 2019.

It just takes a second for disaster to strike, yet unfortunately, most accidents happen on our major roads. If you were involved in an unexpected vehicle accident, your life may be flipped entirely upside down in a short period of time. Therefore, it is crucial that you speak with an attorney who will look out for your future interests.

Dealing with the fallout of a car crash on your own may be a stressful ordeal. If you were in a car accident in New Jersey, you could need legal representation to deal with the aftermath. Luckily, a lawyer who focuses on personal injury cases may be able to help you out. And they could even be able to assist you in gathering the evidence necessary to bring those guilty to justice. They could support your case by presenting evidence for the following points:

  • Another motorist owes you a duty of care to drive safely
  • The driver has failed to uphold this responsibility
  • The driver’s actions were a primary contributor to the crash’s occurrence
  • You received injuries and possibly suffered other damages as a result of the accident

Getting in touch with a personal injury lawyer in the Hamilton area should be a top priority if an accident has upended your life and made getting back to normal particularly difficult.

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