Holmesburg, PA – Multi-Car Collision, Injuries on I-95 at Cottman Ave

June 4, 2022

Holmesburg, PA (June 4, 2022) –On Saturday, June 4, in the late afternoon, cops in the area reported a multiple-vehicle crash on a roadway near Holmesburg that resulted in injuries to numerous people.

According to local authorities, the incident happened at around 5:10 p.m. in the northbound lanes of Interstate 95 from Exit 30 to Cottman Avenue, causing traffic congestion back to the Betsy Ross Bridge. Several vehicles were purportedly traveling on the right side of the roadway when one of them merged, producing a chain reaction accident.

As quickly as possible, emergency medical crews, fire rescue units, and other Holmesburg responders were sent to the site to assist individuals in need. At least one person was severely injured. The injured were sent to nearby hospitals for treatment, but their current status is unknown presently.

As authorities proceeded to clean up the scene, the road was completely blocked, resulting in major traffic congestion.

As part of an ongoing inquiry, the incident’s circumstances are now being examined.

We express our warmest thoughts and best wishes to the hurt victims and their families in the hopes that they will recover completely.

Pennsylvania Commonwealth Automobile Crashes

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The vast majority of these occurrences take place on busy thoroughfares and highways with heavy traffic. These are the kinds of places where the combination of high speeds and close proximity to other cars almost always results in disastrous outcomes for the people who are involved in accidents.

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