Philadelphia, PA – Injury-Causing Collision on I-76 at Belmont Ave Under Investigation

Philadelphia, PA - Injury-Causing Collision on I-76 at Belmont Ave Under Investigation
January 26, 2023

Philadelphia, PA (January 26, 2023) – Philadelphia Police Department officers reported that a handful of people suffered injuries in a two-driver crash that took place in the greater Philadelphia area on Thursday.

Officers noted that the accident apparently unfolded on eastbound Interstate 76 near Belmont Avenue at around 3:10 p.m.

The accident was attended to by Philadelphia police and neighboring EMS workers. However, the Philadelphia Police Department did not provide any more information on the casualties. EMTs responded and appeared to treat at least some victims at the scene, although it remains uncertain how many injured individuals were sent to a nearby medical center.

Investigators are still attempting to determine what caused the accident. Authorities are requesting that anybody with information come forward as the investigation continues.

The injured victims are in our thoughts, and we wish them a complete recovery.

Auto Accidents in Pennsylvania

In Pennsylvania, rear-end collisions ranked second among accidents involving multiple cars in 2014. Needless to say, anyone traveling in Pennsylvania must exercise extraordinary care, as our state records more than 20,000 multiple-vehicle crashes yearly in and around Philadelphia alone.

Careless drivers endanger themselves, the vehicles, drivers, and passengers around them. The main cause of rear-end collisions in Pennsylvania is vehicles that ignore stop signs, for instance. In certain instances, who was at fault for a rear-end accident may be evident, but the circumstances preceding the crash are often unclear.

Meanwhile, the speed of the incoming vehicle is a crucial element in determining the extent of damage in a rear-end collision. When a driver abruptly hits the brakes, the vehicle behind them often collides with them quickly and forcefully. In the event that drivers are speeding, the consequences are that much more severe.

Tragically, even if the involved motorists drive slowly, a collision may cause catastrophic injuries. Some front seats, for instance, feature recline mechanisms that are activated when the seat belt is secured. At high speeds, striking your seat or headrest may lead to painful long-term injuries, some of which may not manifest for hours or days.

If you were severely injured in an accident that was not your fault, you might have legal recourse. For instance, if a driver is rendered permanently unable to drive as a consequence of an accident, an insurance company may attempt to avoid paying for their care, loss of income, and future earning potential. To preserve their bottom lines, major companies and insurers may attempt to avoid paying for victims’ medical expenses and other losses, even if the incidents that caused the injuries were wholly owed to negligence.

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