Philadelphia, PA – Multi-Vehicle Wreck, Injuries on I-76 at University Ave

Philadelphia, PA - Multi-Vehicle Wreck, Injuries on I-76 at University Ave
July 3, 2022

Philadelphia, PA (July 3, 2022) – On Sunday evening, July 3, a multiple-vehicle accident occurred on a route near Philadelphia, resulting in a handful of driver and passenger injuries.

According to the Philadelphia Police Department, the incident occurred at 11 p.m. in the westbound lanes of Interstate 76 between Exit 346 and University Avenue.

Currently unknown is the reason for the incident, but both vehicles were so seriously damaged that they needed to be towed.

At the site of the collision, units from Philadelphia Fire Rescue and EMTs, among others, responded. Three individuals were presumably injured and sent to nearby hospitals, but neither their identities nor the severity of their injuries has been verified by the police.

The police spent about an hour inspecting the accident site, resulting in a significant traffic bottleneck. Officials in Philadelphia are now conducting an inquiry into the collision’s causes.

The accident victims are in our thoughts, and we extend them our best wishes for a full recovery.

Multiple-Vehicle Crash Injuries in Philadelphia

Numerous individuals in Pennsylvania and all around the globe are killed or injured in car accidents on a daily basis. More than 54,000 people are wounded in car accidents in Pennsylvania each year.

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