Philadelphia, PA – Victims Hurt in I-76 Car Accident at US 13 & Montgomery Dr

Philadelphia, PA - Victims Hurt in I-76 Car Accident at US 13 & Montgomery Dr
February 28, 2023

Philadelphia, PA (February 27, 2023) – An accident involving numerous vehicles happened in the Philadelphia metropolitan region just after 11:00 p.m. on Monday, February 27. Officers added that the incident may have resulted in injuries.

According to the investigation conducted by the Philadelphia Police Department, the collision took place on westbound Interstate 76, not far from the exit for Montgomery Road and Highway 13. As both cars changed lanes to the right, they were involved in a collision that resulted in substantial damage to both cars and left at least one person wounded. The cause of the collision is yet unknown.

In the event that someone was harmed, a significant number of first responders, including paramedics, firefighters, and others, were sent to the location. Nevertheless, neither the status of the injured nor the kind and severity of their wounds are known at this time.

The Portland Police Department (PPD) is still investigating the cause of the collision and is now looking for witnesses to the incident at this time.

We are continuing to keep the wounded victims and their families in our thoughts.

Statistics on Philadelphia Automobile Accidents

The most recent data that was made available by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation indicates that there were at least 10,100 automobile collisions that took place in Philadelphia County in the year 2017. There are even more counties than that in the Commonwealth! In addition, there are around 28 automobile collisions every single day in Philadelphia County.

In addition, there were nearly 12,000 collisions involving several vehicles that took place in Philadelphia County in 2016.

As compared to other major cities, the mortality toll from road accidents is very high in Philadelphia. As compared to New York City, which has 2.87 deaths per 100,000 citizens, Philadelphia’s rate of 6 deaths per 100,000 is much higher. The city with the lowest mortality rate in the US is Boston, with 1.93 fatalities per 100,000 people; however, Los Angeles comes in at a close second with 5.74 deaths per 100,000 people.

It’s possible that a terrible experience, like being in a vehicle accident, might cause you to feel concerned about the future. To add salt to injury, the circumstance is often far more severe if the collision happened as a result of the other driver’s negligence or inattentive driving.

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