Springfield, PA – Three Hospitalized After Rollover Crash at Rtes 215 & 20

Springfield, PA - Three Hospitalized After Rollover Crash at Rtes 215 & 20
August 21, 2022

Springfield, PA (August 21, 2022) – Around 2:30 p.m., Springfield Volunteer Fire Department crews were dispatched to a reported motor vehicle accident.

The intersection of Route 215 and Route 20 was the scene of the crash.

A rollover with entrapment occurred as a result of this accident, which involved two automobiles. Because of the extent of the damage, both vehicles needed to be hauled from the scene.

Furthermore, per preliminary reports, three victims required medical transport. It was stated that one person was stuck inside of one of the cars, requiring teams to use a spreader and cutting equipment to rescue the trapped individual from the vehicle.

In addition, the collision caused an electrical pole to fall, which was smoking as workers were trying to fix it. Due to this, electricity was cut off to several homes in East Springfield. Although a thorough investigation is still ongoing, it is currently unknown whether or not any situations or charges will be issued in relation to the accident.

Our hearts go out to the injured victims and their families at this time.

Serious Car Accidents Across Pennsylvania

In Pennsylvania, rear-end collisions (when two vehicles impact from behind) account for more than 22% of all car crashes, with at least one-fourth of serious auto accidents in Pennsylvania are caused by fender benders. Rear-end accidents, commonly known as fender benders, may seem minor at the time and are undoubtedly usually less severe than head-on collisions, but they can cause serious pain and disability in the days after the collision.

When a tractor-trailer is involved in a rear-end collision, the magnitude of the impact might increase the likelihood of serious injury or death.

Accidents of this type can be brought about by a variety of factors, including drivers who are engaged with other activities, such as chatting on the phone, texting, adjusting the settings on their car’s GPS system, or searching for goods within their vehicle. However, the most prevalent causes of rear-end collisions are vehicles travelling too fast, not checking behind them before backing out of parking spaces or driveways, following too closely, suddenly stopping for red lights or stop signs, and driving in bad weather.

If you were critically injured in a rear-end collision that wasn’t your fault, the driver who caused the accident ought to be the one to bear the financial burden of your recovery as well as any missing wages or medical expenses that may have resulted from the collision.

When it comes to things like long-term care or income replacement in the event of a disability, insurance companies will frequently go to considerable lengths to avoid paying for these types of services, despite the fact that they may be willing to foot the bill for certain essential medical procedures. They might contribute to the payment of the expenses associated with necessary medical care, but they probably won’t cover it all.

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