West Pottsgrove, PA – Multi-Vehicle Wreck, Injuries on Rte 422 at Ben Franklin Hwy

June 4, 2022

West Pottsgrove, PA (June 4, 2022) – On the evening of Saturday, June 4, at around 11:15 p.m., there was a multi-vehicle collision in the West Pottsgrove region that may have wounded a few drivers and their passengers.

The incident occurred in the westbound lanes of Route 422 near Benjamin Franklin Highway, as determined by the West Pottsgrove Police Department. Unknown factors led to the collision of two automobiles moving in the same place at the same time. It is thought that one of the cars sideswiped the other as they were merging, resulting in an accident involving a large number of autos and severe damage to all involved vehicles.

First responders and rescue squads were dispatched to the location to assist any injured persons. At least one person suffered injuries as a result of the event, but no information is available on the amount, severity, or current status of these injuries.

The inquiry into the specific facts surrounding the cause of the tragedy is still ongoing. The Pottsgrove PD is asking that any witnesses or any individuals with information about the event contact them immediately.

We send our deepest sympathies and hopeful thoughts to the victims and their families, and we wish for their speedy and full recovery.

Multiple-Vehicle Collisions in the Greater Philadelphia Region

According to the most recent information provided by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation in 2020, Philadelphia County will have had 10,120 traffic accidents. The data was generated from the year 2020’s statistics and represented the highest rate in the whole Commonwealth. In addition, a daily average of about 28 to 29 car accidents occur in Philadelphia County.

I-95 has been identified as one of the most hazardous roadways in the Commonwealth, with Philadelphia County authorities recording over 12,150 collisions in a single year.

And compared to other large municipalities, Philadelphia has one of the highest rates of automobile-related deaths for every 100,000 residents. In fact, Philadelphia has around 6,500 fatalities in traffic crashes for every 100,000 residents, whereas New York City has just 2,900 deaths.

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