Recovering Compensation After an Apartment Accident in Pennsylvania

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August 21, 2019
Legally Reviewed By Attorney Rand Spear, Esq.

There are numerous amounts of people who live in apartments throughout the state of Pennsylvania. Majority of the time, they are satisfied with their living space and have few complaints. However, it is possible for apartments to present certain safety hazards. This can sometimes cause accidents to occur within a person’s apartment building or unit. Individuals who are involved in apartment accidents can suffer from significant, life-impacting injuries. When this happens, it is important to know that victims may be able to seek financial compensation. This can be done with the assistance of an experienced personal injury attorney to fight on your behalf.

Causes of Apartment Accidents

People should feel safe in their own homes. This includes in apartments that they rent or lease from landlords. Apartments are kept safe when they are properly maintained. If the premises is not looked after and repairs are not made when necessary, dangers can arise that cause accident to occur. The following are some common hazards that may exist in apartment buildings:

  • Inadequate lighting: Failure to provide well-lit areas within the apartment complex can result in dangerous falls.
  • Poor weather conditions: In the event of inclement weather, properties must be cleaned within a certain amount of time. If they are not, a resident can slip and fall.
  • Damaged or uneven flooring: Loose floorboards, torn carpeting, protruding nails and more can cause accidents to occur in apartment buildings.
  • Pools: Many apartments have pools as an amenity for guests. If the proper safety measures are not implemented, certain hazards can put residents at risk.
  • Smoke or carbon monoxide detectors: Detectors in all apartment units and common areas must be taken care of regularly. This includes swapping out batteries and ensuring they continue to work. If the system does not work, the entire complex can be put in danger.
  • Hazardous stairwells: Stairs and handrails in stairways are required to be maintained, or it can lead residents to fall and sustain injuries.

Recovering Compensation After an Accident

When an individual is harmed in a personal injury accident within their apartment, they often want to hold the negligent party liable for their suffering. This can be done by proving negligence with evidence such as medical documentation of injuries, photos of the hazard, witness statements, and more. If they are successful in proving negligence to the court, the victim may be entitled to recover significant financial compensation. This exists to cover any damages that stem from the accident including medical bills, lost wages, lost future wages, and emotional distress.

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