Auto Accident Attorney Involvement

When operating a vehicle, every driver has a legal obligation to drive safely and to avoid endangering or harming other drivers or surrounding bystanders. Not all drivers live up to this standard. When people drive negligently, they can cause serious accidents to other motorists on the road. Significant physical, emotional, and financial damages can result. While you may be hesitant to explore legal avenues, it is important in most situations to at least discuss or review your case with an experienced vehicle accident attorney.

How Much Is My Case Worth?

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Do I Need an Auto Accident Attorney?

Below are several situations where attorney involvement may be a strategy to consider.

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Insurance companies are not always working for your best interest, not even your own. Involving an attorney to communicate with both your insurance company and the other party’s insurance company will ensure that your interests are being represented.

Even if you’re at fault in an accident, having an attorney review the incident documentation and evidence is a good strategy. An aspect about the accident may exonerate you, which you may not have considered.

As mentioned above, an insurance company is a business that is trying to increase profits, so their interests might not always align with your needs. An auto accident attorney can be a strong mediator when this situation arises.

Knowing your rights is important, and an experienced personal injury lawyer will ensure you are informed and educated on your rights throughout the legal process.

Case Basics

Some injuries sustained from an accident do not surface immediately, while other injuries might be initially detected but intensify as time passes. The injuries that are delayed in surfacing are usually neck and back injuries, bulging or herniated discs, muscle injury, bruising, and headaches.

When there are serious injuries, which require extra medical attention or hospitalization such as broken bones or back injuries, an auto accident lawyer can expedite any paperwork in reporting and documenting the injury.

An experienced attorney will not only familiarize themselves with physical damages but ensure you report other damages that would require compensation following an auto accident. These damages could include pain and suffering, lost wages from missing work, etc.

Not only would this be an emotional and painful occurrence, but the death of an individual opens other legal considerations. Hiring a lawyer will ensure all aspects of the legal process are handled.

With walking and bicycling continuously increasing in popularity, the chances increase for pedestrian-based accidents. An insurance lawyer would investigate the documentation and evidence to determine whether the reported injuries were valid and directly caused by the accident. To learn more about accidents involving a pedestrian or bicyclist, please click on the links below

Pedestrian Accident    Bicycle Accident

Since it is a direct accounting at the accident scene, a police report holds weight in the legal investigation. An attorney will help you navigate the legal process even with these inconsistencies present.

While you may be hesitant about exploring the legal route following an accident, it is prudent to at least research, especially if you have suffered any physical, emotional, or financial damages. At Spear Greenfield, our attorneys offer no pressure guidance, so that you can be armed with the best information to make informed decisions. The Spear Greenfield staff will ensure you receive the proper medical treatments and assist you with evidence collection. To learn more about the potential legal options following an auto accident, including key questions to ask when evaluating a personal injury attorney, please click on the button below for a step-by-step guide.

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