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Making Sense of a DUI Accident

Even though it is illegal to drink and drive in all states, the law is still violated frequently. This illegal and reckless action endangers others on the road and could lead to serious injuries or death. DUI accidents often result in detrimental physical, emotional, and financial damages, which allows injured parties to hold the negligent party responsible for the trauma caused by their drinking and driving. During this time, it is important to engage in discussions to explore the legal options with an experienced personal injury attorney.

For the over 30 years Spear Greenfield has been in business, we have helped countless clients with their auto accidents. We understand the devastation caused by an unexpected DUI accident, so we offer a free initial consultation. This appointment carries no pressure or obligations, just information and education. We can schedule your free consultation either by phone or online, so please click below!

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Considering the Legal Options Following a DUI Auto Accident

All drivers are required to follow the rules of the road and one of those is to practice unimpaired driving. Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is considered negligent driving, which can result in the impaired driver being held responsible for the accident and injuries via a personal injury lawsuit. In order for the lawsuit to be successful, the injured party is required to prove negligence, which can be accomplished by gathering evidence that proves two main factors.

  • The driver disregarded the law by driving under the influence.
  • The illegal behavior directly caused injured parties damages.

Proving negligence is complex, but the expertise and experience of a personal injury attorney can help. The vehicle accident lawyers at Spear Greenfield have a combined 200 years of experience in handling cases and are dedicated to helping the clients that reach out during their time of need. Below are the initial steps when considering your legal actions following a DUI accident.

Determining Liability and Attorney Involvement

Since impairment increases the chance of an accident, driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is considered negligent driving. When a personal injury lawsuit is filed, negligence must be proven in order to be successful. Proof of negligence requires proving the driver disregarded the law by driving under the influence. If that negligent behavior directly caused the injured party’s injuries, proof of negligence is present. Below is a list of evidence, which can be used to prove negligence.


Pictures of the accident scene


Video footage of the accident


Medical documentation of the injuries


Police reports filed from the accident scene


Witness statements

When an auto accident is the result of a DUI, a personal injury attorney should always be consulted. It is also a good idea to involve a lawyer in an auto accident due a complicated and tedious evidence gathering process. A lawyer can efficiently gather and present all additional evidence necessary to prove negligence. Outside of the two above mentioned factors, there are several other factors that point to the necessity of involving a personal injury attorney in your case. To learn more about these factors for involving a lawyer, click on the link below.

More Information on Attorney Involvement

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We are always here to help you, so we are offering a free consultation regarding your DUI accident. This appointment allows us to learn about your specific accident and to educate you about your legal options. This consultation carries no obligation or pressure, just information.

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    Why Choose Spear Greenfield?

    Being a family owned business, Spear Greenfield has always aimed to be caring, compassionate, and client-focused. We understand any personal injury accident is devastating, so there is no case too big or too small for us. Our goal is to serve our clients. We take cases other Pennsylvania and New Jersey injury attorneys refuse to touch. No matter the severity, we will work meticulously and efficiently for every client from the first consultation to the trial. Some additional reasons are listed below as to why Spear Greenfield is the best choice for your legal representation.

    • At Spear Greenfield, we go the distance for our clients! If going to trial guarantees our clients greater compensation than settling, our trial lawyers are ready to dedicate time and resources to that end. Many law firms refer their cases to Spear Greenfield when a lawsuit must be filed because of our willingness to dedicate resources to achieve the highest compensation for clients. We will not sell you short!
    • Our robust portfolio of medical contacts will ensure that no matter the injuries you have sustained or the medical care you require, Spear Greenfield will connect you with a quality medical professional. Due to our reputation in the community, our law firm will connect you with the necessary doctor, treatment, or medical professional, even if you do not have insurance!
    • At Spear Greenfield, we have a track record of success. Thanks to experience, dedication, and resources, we have earned over half a billion dollars for our clients in our 30 years of business!

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    A DUI accident is not expected, pleasant, or pretty, but it does signal the necessity to discuss your legal options with a personal injury attorney. At Spear Greenfield, we will guide you through the complex legal process, while you’re healing from your accident. As mentioned above, we offer a caring firm, empathetic staff, customer dedication, and a proven track record. When we partner with you, Spear Greenfield is in it to win it. Our goal is to earn your justice and maximum compensation, so we will dedicate all of our resources towards that end!

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