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A motorcycle is a dangerous mode of transportation, which often leaves the driver vulnerable. A motorcycle accident can have devastating impacts on a person’s life, often causing life-changing injuries and sometimes even death. Damages from a motorcycle crash can be substantial, which makes it critical to explore your legal options following the accident.

Due to the substantial injuries and damages that can be sustained in a motorcycle accident, legal consultation is critical. Click below to schedule a free consultation with a Spear Greenfield team member, either by phone or online submission. This consultation will enable us to explore your accident and determine your legal options. This appointment carries no unnecessary pressure, commitment, or stress, just information and insight!

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Considering the Legal Options Following a Motorcycle Crash

It is no secret that motorcyclists are required to follow all of the same rules of the road as every other motor vehicle. Just like car accidents, one of the biggest causes of motorcycle accidents is driver negligence. When a motorist is acting negligently and is not meeting their duty of care, they may cause a serious accident.

The Pennsylvania and New Jersey motorcycle accident attorneys at Spear Greenfield have experience and a success rate in proving that negligence caused a motorcycle crash. We will guide you through the legal process to hold the negligent party accountable and win the compensation you deserve. Below are some of the initial steps in the legal process that link to additional information to get you started.

The Process of Determining Liability in a Motorcycle Accident

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A personal injury lawsuit seeks to hold a negligent party responsible for their actions. The injured party must prove this negligence by satisfying the burden of proof. One of the most important things you can do when trying to prove another party’s negligence is obtaining some sort of physical evidence. The benefit of hiring a Pennsylvania or New Jersey motorcycle accident attorney is their experience and ability to gather evidence that shows the driver’s behavior directly caused your accident and injuries.

Some evidence collection that can help prove negligence are listed below:

  • Collect photographs or video either depicting the accident from a dashboard camera or taken after the incident by a cell phone, showing the accident scene and damage to the vehicles involved.
  • Contact law enforcement immediately after the accident, so they can document the accident scene and file a police report.
  • Seek immediate medical attention following an accident, so a medical professional can identify and treat your injuries, while also providing you with medical documents for the sustained injuries.
  • Collect contact information from witnesses that saw the accident to provide testimonials.

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Motorcycle Accident Causes

Poor road designs, hazardous weather conditions, and faulty parts are all causes of motorcycle accidents. The most common cause of an accident is negligence which makes these motorcycle accidents tragic. Here is a list of negligent behavior that causes motorcycle crashes:


Smoking while driving


Texting while driving


Using a GPS or otherwise navigation directions while driving


Drunk Driving


Drugged Driving


Drowsy Driving


Failing to comply with traffic signs or lights



Immediately following a motorcycle accident, it is critical to follow our post accident checklist if possible. This allows you to start collecting information and evidence, which can help you in your motorcycle accident injury claim.

Post Accident Checklist

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Motorcycle Helmet Laws

In Pennsylvania, motorcycle drivers who are over the age of 21 and have had their license for two years or completed the motorcycle rider safety course are not required by law to wear a helmet when riding. Passengers who are over 21 are also permitted to ride without a helmet unless the driver is. Passengers who have their learner’s permit are required to wear a helmet, regardless of their age. All drivers and passengers who are under 21 years of age are required to wear a helmet. All drivers must wear eye protection when riding.

The motorcycle helmet laws in New Jersey are very clear: they state that all those who ride a motorcycle are required to wear a helmet that complies with the rules set out by New Jersey’s Director of Motor Vehicles at all times. If you ride a motorcycle, you must also wear goggles/protective eyewear, and the helmet must be reflectorized on both sides.

To learn more about the basics of personal injury cases, including a simplified blueprint of the legal process, click on the link below.

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Why Choose Spear Greenfield?

Due to motorcycles offering less protection to the rider than regular automotive vehicles, motorcycle crashes can be devastating and lead to serious injuries, extensive damages, and financial burdens. The Pennsylvania and New Jersey personal injury attorneys at Spear Greenfield are experienced at investigating these motorcycle accident cases to prove negligence by fulfilling the burden of proof. Below are some additional reasons why you should consider Spear Greenfield for your Pennsylvania motorcycle accident injury claim.

  • The Spear Greenfield law firm prioritizes clients first by diligently working through the case and relentlessly fighting for the highest awarded money either through settlement or trial.
  • Spear Greenfield has a robust list of medical contacts. No matter the injuries, the law firm will connect you with quality medical professionals for both treatment and documentation purposes, even if you do not have insurance!
  • Our law firm has assembled a team of accident attorneys who are comfortable enough to guide clients through the motorcycle injury case process but meticulous enough to attend to all the necessary details of that process.

Please click below to learn more about Spear Greenfield and the aspects that separate us from other New Jersey law firms.

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Following a motorcycle accident, an injured party is left with numerous hurdles including serious injuries, expensive damages, lost wages, and financial burden. At Spear Greenfield, we have experience working with clients who have suffered motorcycle accident injuries and will guide you through the legal process to earn you your rightful compensation! We are the right law firm to have in your corner because our legal team will go the distance for you and win!

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