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After an individual is hurt in a bus or train accident, they are often unsure of their rights and options. If you have been injured in a public transportation accident, you may be facing major medical and financial concerns, which is why immediately exploring legal options is important. An investigation of a public transit accident is important to determine whether an accident occurred due to another party’s negligence.

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Considering the Legal Options Following a Public Transport Accident

The administration for any transit medium is required to ensure that their modes of transportation are safe for passenger use. This is accomplished through conducting regular inspections to ensure there are no hazards either with the vehicles, the staff, or in the waiting areas. If these hazards are not detected, they can go unnoticed and cause accidents.

In proving negligence, a public transportation attorney is crucial, because of their experience in collecting evidence. In instances of public transit accidents, there are numerous channels to contact for gathering corroborating evidence, which the SEPTA accident lawyers at Spear Greenfield can coordinate for you. We can protect your rights if you have suffered an injury on a bus or train. Below are some of the initial steps in the legal process that link to additional information to get you started.

Protocols Following a Transit Accident

When an accident on a bus or train happens, many people are shaken and unsure what to do. Even if you did not visit an emergency room or seek medical help immediately following the accident, you may still be in need of long-term medical care. Scheduling an appointment with a doctor shortly following the accident is important both for health and legal reasons. After the appointment, request documentation from the doctor regarding any injuries sustained.

Following a SEPTA bus or train accident, it is important to remain at the accident scene. A representative from the transit company will typically come to the scene of the accident to provide claim forms for all parties involved in the accident. These forms require you to provide the following information:

  • Date of incident
  • Time of incident
  • Location of incident
  • Route or property where the incident occurred
  • The destination of your trip

Finally, follow the post accident checklist steps as you would for any type of auto accident, including taking pictures and speaking with witnesses. For the entire post accident checklist, please click on the link below.

Post Accident Checklist

Causes of Public Transportation Accidents

While there are cases of major injuries being caused by a serious bus or train accident, an accident does not have to be serious to suffer a substantial personal injury. In many public transit accidents, a collision might not even occur. From buses and trains stopping short to automatic doors closing too soon, there are a number of instances that can cause serious injuries. Some of the various causes of bus and train accidents include the following:


Driver negligence




Sudden stops


Train derailment


Equipment or structural malfunction


Lack of necessary safety precautions


Collision with another vehicle


Slip and falls


Poor lighting


Distracted driving


Improper maintenance


Poor weather conditions

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Getting Started

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The Process of Determining Liability in a Pennsylvania or New Jersey Public Transit Accident

When pursuing legal action after a mass transit accident, it is important to understand that these methods of transportation are provided by the municipality. When pursuing legal action against a municipality, the injured party must send a written Notice of Claim to the municipality in question. This Notice of Claim, which needs to be filed within six months of the accident, has to include the injured party’s name, the injured party’s address, the date of the accident, the accident time, and accident location.

It is important to know that the public transportation accident victim is required to satisfy the burden of proof. This is to prove that the victim’s injuries were a direct result of negligence, which in most cases is the transit administration’s failure to provide a duty of care to the passengers. This can be done with evidence such as security camera footage of the accident as it happened, pictures of the hazard, medical documentation of the injuries, transit party’s claim form, a police report of the accident, witness statements, and more.

More Information on Attorney Involvement

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    Why Choose Spear Greenfield?

    Due to the serious injuries that can be sustained in a public transit accident, it is critical to consider legal guidance from a SEPTA injury lawyer. The public transportation attorneys at our firm have experience in evidence collection, which will be important in satisfying the burden of proof. For obtaining more difficult evidence pieces, such as security camera footage or the transit company claim forms, a personal injury attorney can more effectively accomplish this. Below are some additional reasons why you should consider Spear Greenfield for your public transit accident.

    • The Spear Greenfield law firm prioritizes clients first by diligently working through your case and relentlessly fighting for the highest awarded money either through settlement or trial.
    • Our law firm has a renowned reputation, which means we have a robust portfolio of medical contacts. Due to our reputation in the community, our law firm will connect you with the necessary doctor, treatment, or medical professional, even if you do not have insurance!
    • Spear Greenfield is composed mainly of trial attorneys, who are comfortable and successful with taking a case to court. If our legal team has determined taking your case to court will provide you the maximum SEPTA accident compensation, our lawyers will go the distance for you!

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