Philadelphia Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Rand Spear on Motorcycle Accident

motorcycle on ground after accident with car
June 18, 2015

Philadelphia Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Says Don’t Assume Motorcycle Accident Victims Are to Blame

Motorcycle accidents can be far more dangerous than vehicle accidents because the rider has no protection other than a helmet and clothing. As a result serious injuries frequently occur even if the accident happens at a relatively low speed. Though motorcyclists may have a bad reputation with some drivers, the facts of the case will determine who is at fault, according to Rand Spear, Philadelphia’s motorcycle accident attorney, who discussed the issue in a recent Google hangout.

Spear represents clients suffering from all kinds of injuries and sees differences between his clients who were riding motorcycles and those in vehicles. “The biggest difference is the level of injury. You don’t have a vehicle around you to protect you,” Spear says, “Since you’re out in the open the injuries are often very serious, permanent and create a lifetime of pain and suffering.”

Because the motorcycle rider comes in contact with a motor vehicle, the road or an object at a high rate of speed without very much protection, serious injuries result. “Very often we see brain injuries. We also see a lot of leg injuries with fractures,” Spear says.

Spear sees a bias against motorcycle riders when it comes to accidents. “Very often we see that when a motorcycle accident occurs, the public will believe the motorcycle rider is at fault. That’s just not true.”

“You really have to look at the facts of each accident and see how it happened to make a determination who was responsible. Motorcycle riders have the same rights and responsibilities as motor vehicle operators,” Spear says.

If you or a loved one have been injured in a motorcycle accident Spear has advice for finding the right attorney to protect your rights to fair compensation. “Get someone who is aggressive, experienced and willing to go to bat for you.” But Spear says it’s not all about litigation when it comes to choosing an attorney, “You want to get an attorney who is compassionate, really willing to listen and help you find the right medical advice and guide you through the entire process.”

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