The Philadelphia Accident Lawyer Answers: How Will My Case Proceed?

toy car crash in front of scales of justice
February 21, 2016

Injury cases start with a free consultation with Rand Spear, the accident lawyer. They are investigated; the pre-suit process follows then trial if necessary.

Accident victims often have two conflicting ideas about lawsuits, says Rand Spear, the Philadelphia car accident lawyer. They may fear the legal process is so lengthy, time consuming and expensive they don’t want to get involved. Others, after seeing too many courtroom dramas on television and the movies, may be overly optimistic as to what it will take to successfully litigate a case. The reality is somewhere between these two extremes.

Our clients’ cases generally proceed along a set path, though the parties may compromise and reach a settlement at any time along the route.

1. Free Legal Consultation

If you believe you’ve been injured due to the negligence or intentional act of another party you can discuss this with us for free. You are under no obligation to retain us and what you tell us will be kept confidential.

We will talk about the facts surrounding your injury. We will ask about how it was caused, your injury and its treatment. We will only use the conversation to help us decide whether there may be a basis for a legal claim and how likely that claim may be successful.

Not only is the consultation free but our services will be paid from the settlement or verdict that’s finally reached. If there is no settlement or verdict in your favor we won’t get paid.

2. Investigation

A thorough investigation of your case is absolutely critical. It’s the only way we can get all the facts we need to properly advise you as to how your case should proceed. Each case is unique but generally we obtain police reports, accident reports, witness statements, medical records, photographs and videos. As the case proceeds we may need the help of experts with whom we share the information we receive so the experts can do their job: provide an opinion as to the cause of the accident, who is responsible as well as the cause or extent of your injuries.

3. Pre-Suit

Before trial we gather and organize the materials and information concerning your case including medical records, information about your injury as well as obtaining information from the other party. We shift from assessing the strengths and weaknesses of your case to managing it to maximize its value to you.

An attorney and legal assistant are assigned to case. They work for you and you are free to contact them, talk about any concerns you may have and ask any questions.

During this process but especially as the date of a trial nears clients want to know how much money they may receive if their personal injury claim is successful. The value of any case depends on the facts of the situation, the outcome of your medical treatment, the extent of your recovery, any lasting limitations and how the law applies to the facts of the case.

4. Litigation

Most of our clients’ cases settle during the pre-suit process before a trial takes place. We negotiate in good faith with insurance companies to resolve each case. Over the years we’ve become very familiar with the insurance companies that do business in the area and their attorneys. We know how to present a case and negotiate with them to maximize the chances of a successful settlement.

A trial may be necessary if an insurance company refuses to compromise and is unwilling to settle the case for an appropriate value. Going to trial doesn’t intimidate us and we won’t let it intimidate you. We have substantial trial experience and financial resources to fully protect and defend your legal rights to compensation for your injuries.

If you live in Pennsylvania or New Jersey and believe you have suffered an injury caused by another party, contact Rand Spear, the accident lawyer. A consultation is free and you have no obligation to retain us. We can learn about your situation and you can learn about the law and how it may be applied in your case. It will only take some of your time and the effort you take may be greatly rewarded in the future.

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