6 Ways to Maximize Your Car Accident Settlement

August 18, 2022
Legally Reviewed By Rand Spear, Esq.

Car accidents often create the need to receive fair compensation for your injuries, damages and financial losses. However, insurance adjusters may try to settle your case for a fraction of the compensation you may be owed.

We’ll walk you through six tips for maximizing your car accident settlement to help you receive adequate and fair compensation.

1. Get a Police Report

Always call 911 after an accident so that a police officer can write an incident report. The report will capture the details of what happened, who was involved and if there were any eyewitnesses.

2. Document What Happened and Get Evidence

Write your account of the event, so you remember important details.

While still at the scene, take photos of the accident for your report. Make sure to mark down the contact, insurance and vehicle information of the parties involved, like the license plate numbers. You can also ask bystanders for their witness statements.

We recommend keeping a personal diary of your ongoing injuries, expenses and losses, too.

3. See a Doctor and Follow Instructions

Medical treatment documentation is crucial when making a claim for injuries, damages or losses.

Seek medical attention immediately after your car accident, even if you aren’t in much pain. It’s important to receive documentation of any injuries for your case.

4. Avoid Making Statements and Posting on Social Media

Another way to maximize your car accident settlement is to avoid making public statements or social media posts detailing your accident. Adjusters can use these resources to build a case against you.

5. Hire a Lawyer

It can be challenging to advocate for yourself when dealing with injuries or losses, so a lawyer is often crucial for receiving fair compensation. Adjusters may try to request information you are not obliged to provide. Only communicate and share information such as your medical records or bills with your lawyer.

6. Don’t Settle Fast

Adjusters may try to lowball you on their first offer. They might assume you don’t know what you are fairly owed and attempt to take advantage of that. Have a minimum settlement figure in mind and avoid accepting their first offer.

Our lawyers at Spear Greenfield can determine what you are fairly owed and advocate on your behalf.

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