Philadelphia, PA – I-95 Site of Car Accident, Injuries at Rte 420 in Ridley Park

Philadelphia, PA - I-95 Site of Car Accident, Injuries at Rte 420 in Ridley Park
September 13, 2022

Philadelphia, PA (September 13, 2022) – Authorities said that a handful of people suffered injuries in a multi-car crash that took place in the Ridley Park area on Tuesday evening, September 13th.

The incident happened at 10:10 p.m. on the northbound side of I-95, not far from the Route 420 exit.

Quickly after the event, police from Philadelphia and emergency medical personnel from the surrounding region were on the scene. Unfortunately, the cause of the incident has not been determined as of yet.

The investigation into the causes of the accident is still ongoing. The probe is underway and being carried out at this time, though officers asked any witnesses to come forward with information.

We hope that those who were hurt in the accident will make a speedy and complete recovery.

Pennsylvania’s Rate of Automobile Crashes and Injuries

Rear-end accidents were the second most frequent kind of accident involving two cars in Pennsylvania in 2014. Every driver should exercise additional caution on Pennsylvania’s roads, where more than 20,000 accidents involving multiple vehicles occur annually in the Commonwealth.

Careless driving almost always results in a head-on collision with the car in front of you. In Pennsylvania, cars that ignore stop signs are the leading cause of rear-end accidents. It may be obvious who is at fault in a rear-end accident, but in other cases, the events leading up to the crash remain a mystery.

When there is damage to the front of an automobile, it is common practice to disregard the back. However, tragic outcomes are still possible in situations like head-on collisions. Accidents of any severity, including those near the back, may result in serious harm and expensive property damage.

When another automobile hits you from behind, the severity of your injuries depends largely on how fast the other car was going when the impact occurred. Most rear-end accidents occur when one driver abruptly stops, leading the car behind them to ram into them. What’s more, serious injuries can occur in these incidents, even when fender benders occur at lower speeds. For instance, the seat automatically reclines when the safety belt is buckled. If you’re driving fast and you hit your seat or headrest, it might have disastrous effects, some of which could not show up for hours or days.

If you were not at fault for the accident but suffered serious injuries as a result, the person who caused the collision is obligated to cover your medical expenses and lost wages.

An insurance company may look for loopholes to avoid paying for a car accident victim’s long-term care or lost wages and earning potential if the victim is rendered permanently disabled as a result of their injuries. It might be part of this process to find an explanation for why the victim’s injuries were not their fault.

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