Philadelphia, PA – Multi-Car Wreck, Injuries on I-76 at Belmont Ave

Philadelphia, PA - Multi-Car Wreck, Injuries on I-76 at Belmont Ave
September 27, 2022

Philadelphia, PA (September 27, 2022) – Authorities reported that a handful of people sustained injuries in a multiple-driver crash that happened in the greater Philadelphia area on Tuesday evening, September 27th.

A collision occurred on westbound Interstate 76 near Belmont Avenue at around 8:00 p.m.

Quick response from police in Philadelphia and nearby EMS personnel ensured that the situation was under control. However, the Philadelphia Police Department authorities did not release any additional information about the casualties; thus, it is unknown how many injured people were taken to a local medical clinic.

Investigators are still trying to figure out what caused the crash. Authorities are calling for anyone with knowledge to come forward while the investigation proceeds.

Our thoughts are with the injured victims, and we wish them a speedy recovery.

The Frequency of Injury Auto Accidents in Pennsylvania

In 2014, rear-end crashes ranked second most frequently among accidents involving two vehicles in Pennsylvania. Everyone driving in Pennsylvania should exercise extreme caution since the state annually registers over 20,000 multi-vehicle accidents in and around Philadelphia alone.

Careless drivers put themselves and the cars in front of them in danger. The leading cause of rear-end incidents in the Keystone State is drivers who disregard stop signs. While it may be obvious who was at fault in a rear-end collision in some cases, the events leading up to the collision are often unclear.

When the front of an automobile is damaged, it is usual practice to disregard any problems at the back. Even in the most unlikely of circumstances, like as head-on collisions, deadly outcomes are still possible. Especially if it occurs in the back, an accident might result in serious injuries and expensive property damage.

The oncoming vehicle’s speed is a major factor in determining the damage done in a rear-end accident. When one motorist quickly applies the brakes, the car behind them often times slams into them. Further, even if the vehicles involved are moving slowly, a collision can still inflict catastrophic injury. As an example, some seats have built-in reclining mechanisms that activate when the seat belt is fastened. Hitting your seat or headrest at high speeds can have devastating results, some of which may not show up for hours or days.

If you were gravely hurt in an accident that wasn’t your fault, the other party might be held financially responsible for your suffering.

If a driver is permanently disabled as a result of an accident, their insurance company may try to avoid covering the cost of their care and the loss of income and future earning potential. Companies and insurance providers with deep pockets may try to avoid paying for victims’ medical bills and other damages to protect their bottom lines, even if the accidents that caused the injuries were completely accidental.

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