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How Do I Sue After a Supermarket Accident in Pennsylvania?

People rarely ever see the supermarket as a dangerous place where they can be involved in an accident. However, accidents can happen anywhere, even at a supermarket. These locations can become dangerous if the grounds are not maintained property by those who are obligated to do so. When this happens, shoppers can become seriously injured as a result. Injured parties who wish to pursue legal action should reach out to…Read More

Can the Coronavirus Outbreak Impact My Car Insurance?

The rapid spread of the Coronavirus has affected the world in many ways, both personally and professionally. It has caused both people and businesses to adjust to a new life while also wondering what else may change in the process. One question people may be whether or not the virus will impact insurances, such as car insurance. However, car insurance should not be impacted by the outbreak. Even still, it…Read More

Will the Coronavirus Impact Pennsylvania’s Statute of Limitations?

When a person is injured as a result of the negligence of another party, they can file a lawsuit in order to recover compensation for the damages they incur. In order to receive this financial assistance, they must begin the process by filing a personal injury claim. However, it is important to know that there is a deadline to do so, known as the statute of limitations. If they fail…Read More

What Can I Do if My Loved One Contracted the Coronavirus in a Nursing Home?

People put their loved ones in a nursing home with the expectation and trust that they will be cared for by those who work there. Usually, this is the case and there are no problems. However, there are some cases in which nursing home employees are negligent and can cause harm to those living there. In recent weeks, a pressing issue across the globe has been the rapid spread of…Read More

Can Masks Protect You From the New Coronavirus?

With the new coronavirus taking the nation by storm, there are several things you should know regarding how to best prepare to ensure your safety. One of the most frequently asked questions regarding the virus is whether a face mask can actually protect you from it. Please continue reading to learn more about face masks, how to use them, and how effective they truly are at preventing the spread of…Read More

How Can I Protect Myself From the Coronavirus?

Unfortunately, the new coronavirus, or COVID-19, has largely dominated the news cycle, especially as more and more people are being personally affected by the virus. Though this is disconcerting to many, it is not time to panic. Instead, you should remain calm and do everything in your power to stay safe. Please read through the following preventative measures to learn more about the new coronavirus and what you can do…Read More

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