How do I Know if I Can Sue After a Dog Bite Accident in Pennsylvania?

People who have a dog often love their pet so much that they consider them a member of the family. In most cases, they train the dog and they are fun-loving animals. However, there are also cases in which a dog is not properly trained. This can cause them to be hostile and dangerous animals. In the event that a dog attacks another person, it can cause serious injuries. It…Read More

How Do I Know if I Have a Case After a Dog Attack in Pennsylvania?

Dogs are typically seen as lovable, furry animals that people consider as a part of their family. While this is true, they can also be dangerous in the event that they are not trained properly. It is the job of a dog owner to make sure their pet receives the right training so that they do not threaten the safety of other people they meet. If they fail to do…Read More

Dog Bites Accidents in Pennsylvania

People usually love their dogs so much that they are considered members of the family. Part of being a dog owner and having them in your life is training them and making sure they are taught how to act. This means not only on a daily basis but also interacting with people they may not be familiar with. However, this is not always the case for all dog owners and…Read More

Philadelphia Dog Bite Lawyer Discusses Dog Bites on the Rise

If you have a dog, you’re in good company. The ASPCA says there are about 78 million four-legged companions in the United States, and approximately 44 percent of American households have a furry family member. And while most dogs are well-behaved and safe, they are still animals with an animal’s instincts to protect, defend, and lash out when they perceive they’re being threatened. Unfortunately, dog bite injuries are among the…Read More

Philadelphia Dog Bite Injury Lawyer Discusses PA as a Top State for Dog Bites

A new report released by State Farm Insurance reveals the top states for dog bites. Unfortunately, Pennsylvania makes the list. New Jersey’s neighbor, New York, also tops the list of the states with the highest number of dog bites. The report also features some alarming statistics about dog bite cases, adds Rand Spear New Jersey and Philadelphia dog bite lawyer. Stats from the State Farm Dog Bite Report According to…Read More

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