How Do I Know if I Have a Case After a Dog Attack in Pennsylvania?

Dogs are typically seen as lovable, furry animals that people consider as a part of their family. While this is true, they can also be dangerous in the event that they are not trained properly. It is the job of a dog owner to make sure their pet receives the right training so that they do not threaten the safety of other people they meet. If they fail to do…Read More

Recovering Compensation After an Apartment Accident in Pennsylvania

There are numerous amounts of people who live in apartments throughout the state of Pennsylvania. Majority of the time, they are satisfied with their living space and have few complaints. However, it is possible for apartments to present certain safety hazards. This can sometimes cause accidents to occur within a person’s apartment building or unit. Individuals who are involved in apartment accidents can suffer from significant, life-impacting injuries. When this…Read More

Recovering Compensation After a Bike Accident in Pennsylvania

Bicycles are a fun method of transportation or exercise for many people. Often times, bikers can be seen on the road at any given time of the day. It is important for bicyclists to be careful when riding because they are not offered much protection. This is why they should always wear protective gear, including helmets, padding, and reflective wear for night riders. Doing so can help them in the…Read More

Receiving Compensation After an Airbnb Accident

Over the past few years, Airbnb has become increasingly popular. Many travelers now look into renting an Airbnb home instead of a hotel when they are going on a trip. While it may seem like an ideal way to travel, it can come with some downsides. Just like any other rental property, it is possible to become injured while staying in an Airbnb. These accidents can cause serious injuries that…Read More

Receiving Compensation After a Pedestrian Accident in Pennsylvania

Walking is an everyday activity that should never end in injury. However, accidents do happen. Sometimes, an accident can occur between a pedestrian and an automobile. Unfortunately, pedestrians do not have the same type of protection that cars offer their drivers. This is why accidents between the two can be very dangerous and cause injuries that impact victims for the rest of their life. It is because of this that…Read More

Soft Tissue Injuries in Car Accidents Can Change Your Life

If you’ve been injured in a Philadelphia car accident, your doctor may have diagnosed you with soft tissue injuries. After a car accident, it’s normal to feel confused about what steps to take next. Should you talk to a car accident lawyer? Is your case serious enough to merit a claim? Are soft tissue injuries serious? The reality is that the “soft” in soft tissue injury doesn’t mean the injury…Read More

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