Receiving Compensation After a Pedestrian Accident in Pennsylvania

Walking is an everyday activity that should never end in injury. However, accidents do happen. Sometimes, an accident can occur between a pedestrian and an automobile. Unfortunately, pedestrians do not have the same type of protection that cars offer their drivers. This is why accidents between the two can be very dangerous and cause injuries that impact victims for the rest of their life. It is because of this that…Read More

What Are the School Bus Danger Zones? 

While some people are aware that semi-trucks have large blind spots, fewer people realize that school buses also have these large blind spots. When children are in these blind spots, the school bus driver and other motorists are unlikely to see them. And when other vehicles stray into these large blind spots, they are less likely to spot a child entering or leaving the bus. Knowing where school bus blind…Read More

Pedestrians Hit Off Road Says Philadelphia Pedestrian Accident Lawyer Rand Spear

Pedestrians on sidewalks and in parking lots are frequently struck by vehicles driven by negligent drivers says Philadelphia pedestrian accident lawyer Rand Spear. When vehicles strike pedestrians it just doesn’t happen when people are trying to cross the road. They can happen any time vehicles and pedestrians meet, including on sidewalks or in parking lots and garages. Philadelphia pedestrian accident lawyer Rand Spear warns pedestrians to be on the lookout…Read More

Pedestrian Fatalities Increase Says Philadelphia Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

You see it every day on Philadelphia sidewalks and streets. Drivers distracted by their smart phones and pedestrians not paying attention to where they’re walking because they’re too focused on their smart phones. It’s becoming the worst of both worlds warns Philadelphia pedestrian accident lawyer Rand Spear. Walking is becoming more popular, especially now that the weather is improving and summer’s heat hasn’t hit yet. More of us are trying…Read More

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