Seeking Compensation After Construction Accidents in Pennsylvania

Construction workers seem as if they are always on the job, working to create and improve structures throughout Pennsylvania. This can include buildings, roads, sidewalks, and more. While working in this field, employees are often put at risk for serious injuries, as they use dangerous tools in potentially hazardous locations. It is because of this that construction jobs are constantly ranked as one of the most dangerous. In order to…Read More

Who is Liable for a Public School Accident in Pennsylvania?

Accidents can happen anywhere, at any time, to anyone. This includes children who are at school. There are several different ways this can happen, possibly resulting in significant injuries that are impactful to children’s lives. When facing these situations, parents often want to hold school districts liable for their child’s suffering. While it can be difficult to make a claim against a school in Pennsylvania, it is not impossible. It…Read More

School Bus Accidents in Pennsylvania

One of a parent’s biggest fears is their child becoming harmed. When they are with their children, they usually take every precaution to prevent it. However, parents are not always with their children at all times and sometimes have to trust others to keep them safe. This is the case when they put their children on the bus in the morning to go to school. The majority of the time,…Read More

Dog Bites Accidents in Pennsylvania

People usually love their dogs so much that they are considered members of the family. Part of being a dog owner and having them in your life is training them and making sure they are taught how to act. This means not only on a daily basis but also interacting with people they may not be familiar with. However, this is not always the case for all dog owners and…Read More

Labor Day Weekend Safety Tips

The end of summer is upon us as Labor Day Weekend is insight. This weekend is typically celebrated with many traditions such as road trips, barbecues, fireworks, and more. While these are intended to be fun and exciting events, these activities can also present certain hazards. It is because of this that people should be cautious when participating in the festivities. This can be done by implementing the following safety…Read More

Recovering Compensation After an Apartment Accident in Pennsylvania

There are numerous amounts of people who live in apartments throughout the state of Pennsylvania. Majority of the time, they are satisfied with their living space and have few complaints. However, it is possible for apartments to present certain safety hazards. This can sometimes cause accidents to occur within a person’s apartment building or unit. Individuals who are involved in apartment accidents can suffer from significant, life-impacting injuries. When this…Read More

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