Cherry Hill NJ Auto Accident Lawyer

Recovering compensation after a car accident can be an uphill battle if you suffer severe injuries or are confused about your legal options. Accidents often happen when we least expect them, but that does not mean you have to take what the insurance company offers you. You have a say in your compensation if your injuries qualify you for a claim. 

Getting legal help is simple, but finding an experienced attorney in Cherry Hill, NJ, can be challenging. There are many lawyers to choose from, but picking one that is the right fit for you requires communication, dedication, and alignment. Rand Spear possesses all three of these and can discuss how we can help you in a free consultation. 

Before we meet, feel free to read over the basics of filing an auto accident claim in New Jersey. For your convenience, we will cover basic personal injury guidelines and how to calculate your settlement worth based on your injuries. If you wish to learn more in detail, our Cherry Hill, NJ, car accident lawyers are here to guide you. 

The Basic Steps to Take Following a Car Wreck

Our firm picks up where you left off to get you the compensation you deserve. So, before you contact us, here are some simple things that every auto accident victim should do to protect themselves and set their case up for success:

  1. Contact the police: Filing a police report is an essential component of evidence later down the line as it allows our team insight into driver conditions from the authority’s perspective. You should include details about the facts only, never admit fault, and avoid saying that you aren’t in any pain.
  2. Gather necessary information: Compiling evidence such as pictures of your car damage, injuries, the contact information of the other party, and witnesses are all valuable information to attain. 
  3. Visit a doctor immediately: Car accidents can put the body in a state of shock, resulting in no symptoms for days. Even if you feel normal, a physical is required for us to file a claim based on injury. Follow through with any treatment plans and document everything. 
  4. Avoid speaking with the other party’s insurance provider: Immediately after a crash, adjusters will contact victims to get a feel for their health condition, property damage, and facts about the crash. They come off as empathetic on a recorded call but their agenda is to lead you to say something that could jeopardize your settlement.
  5. Speak with a reputable attorney: Our legal office provides a free, no-obligation consultation for you to discuss your case and legal alternatives with a licensed Cherry Hill personal injury lawyer. Take advantage and get information on how to proceed. 
  6. Refrain from discussing your case: Do not talk about your case to anyone but your attorney. This includes no posting on social media platforms. The insurance agency sometimes uses the accounts of victims or their loved ones to deny or minimize the injury claim. 

If you feel overwhelmed, we understand and will do everything we can to delegate tasks from your plate to our team. As a client of this firm, you will receive full legal support throughout your personal injury case. 

Typical Injuries Awarded in an Auto Accident Case 

Car accidents can result in catastrophic injuries, no matter if the collision was head-on, rear-end, side-swipe, or hit-and-run accident. We’ve represented them all and have seen the following injuries be awarded: 

  • Whiplash, neck injuries, and damage to the spinal cord
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Paralysis
  • Deep lacerations
  • Mental damage (such as post-traumatic stress disorder)
  • Concussions
  • Traumatic brain injuries (TBI)
  • Fractures and broken bones
  • Scarring \Burns
  • Organ damage
  • Missing limbs
  • Death

The at-fault party must be held liable if you suffer serious or life-threatening injuries as a result of an automobile incident in New Jersey. At Rand Spear, our Cherry Hill, NJ, auto accident attorneys assist accident victims in pursuing compensation from negligent insurance providers for their damages.

What’s Included in Your New Jersey Injury Settlement?

Any expenses resulting from your injuries are included in your economic losses. You must establish a direct connection between these costs and your injury in order to claim these kinds of damages. Lawyers use bank statements, receipts, and invoices to demonstrate financial losses. Following an accident, keeping copies of all your expenses is important.

When you sustain serious wounds, you can lose your capacity to work or have to change jobs. Those who are forced to change careers or are unable to work owing to injuries sustained in an automobile accident are given non-economic damages. Non-economic damages may also be utilized to make up for any psychological harm brought on by the collision.

Our Cherry Hill personal injury attorneys will ask for non-economic damages for:

Responsibilities of Our Cherry Hill, NJ, Car Accident Attorneys 

When choosing a lawyer, paying attention to the strengths they bring to your case is important. Our auto wreck attorneys in Cherry Hill, NJ, can assist you in obtaining compensation from the people at fault when you are hurt in an accident. Our New Jersey attorneys are skilled at:

  • Assembling strong evidence to prove your case
  • Interviewing witnesses to accidents
  • Directly interacting with insurance providers
  • Working out a fair settlement agreement
  • Advocating for your interests in court (if the insurance provider refuses to compensate you fairly)

Do not wait to file a lawsuit if you were injured in an automobile accident. Our knowledgeable accident attorneys are prepared to evaluate your claim and assist you in obtaining the compensation your injuries deserve.

Let Legal Professionals in Cherry Hill Handle Your Injury Claim

The Rand Spear Cherry Hill auto accident attorneys in New Jersey are prepared to assist you in pursuing the highest amount of damages for your injuries. 

Our legal professionals collect compensation from negligent parties and aid Cherry Hill accident survivors in their crash recovery. Start immediately by contacting us for a free case review.