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“I was involved in an accident a little over two years ago. A driver with a suspended license rear-ended the back of my vehicle. Mr. Spear along with his team provided me with the medical attention that I needed. Mr. Spear also took my case and helped me with the compensation that I deserved. I recommend the law offices of Rand Spear to anyone who has a legal matter.

Nay M.

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“My experience with Rand has been outstanding. They were able to reach all of my requirements with ease. I highly recommend Rand Spear for those in need of a good lawyer.”

Robert J.

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“Mr. Spear has become my attorney, I would never go to anyone else. I did not think my case was worth much because 3 other attorneys told me my case wasn’t worth anything and sent me home. Mr. Spear welcomed me into his firm and won me more than 40 thousand dollars. Mr. Spear stands by his commercial and DOES NOT RELENT. Mr. Spear has become MY lawyer and I would never have it any other way.”

Theresa H.

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“I was in an auto accident in 2013. I was rewarded much more money than I thought possible. Rand is the REAL DEAL. He got me serious compensation and I was more than satisfied with his service. His office is diligent with correspondence, professional at all times and Rand himself is accessible to clients. He made me feel welcome and wanted despite the fact that he runs a high volume firm with many clients. I would certainly recommend Spear, Greenfield & Richman to anyone in an accident.”

Tracey N.

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“Rand Spear is a great lawyer. He knows what he is doing. I trust him because he has done right by me. My faith is high in him and by the grace of God, he has helped me. he will do the same for you.”


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I had a positive experience with Mr. Spear. When the people here say they care about u, they really care. Tyler worked really hard to dispute my medicals with medicare. They tried to take my whole check and he put then in their place. He was so patient. Sometimes I would get fussy and yell at him but he would never yell back, and in the end, he fought hard for me. I don’t know how he did it but he got me my money. Great firm. Some lawyers don’t really care about you, these guys always do what they say they are going to do.

Catherine J.

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“First and foremost Rand and his team wasted no time coming to visit moments after my accident and got right to work. Second, whenever I called the office I was always serviced and pleased with help with any questions I needed. Last but not least, Rand and his team fought and got me the maximum settlement offered on my case. Great team!

Nek R.

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Rand is a great attorney and an honest guy. I have had a case with him in the past and a case pending. I am not a robot– I am a real customer writing because good service should be applauded, rewarded and recommended. I see Rand almost every time he is in the office. We have a personal relationship that is deeper than business. I am grateful to Rand for his help.

Michael C.

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“I’m extremely pleased with this law firm. This is my third time using them and I would highly recommend them. They were good with communicating with me all of my calls were returned and they handled everything in a timely fashion. I would definitely use them again.”

Greg C.

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“I have had 2 cases with Rand. He is a very good lawyer. All of the staff here are focused on helping their clients. Rand is a hardworking man who is almost always in the office if he is not in court. I speak on my own behalf but I have also had several family members come to Mr. Spear. They also had great experiences.”

Joanna P.

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“My process with Rand Spear has been amazing. I have never gone through a process like this and they have been very professional. They really took the time and explained every process to me. I would refer any and everyone to them. They really are great to work with.”

Stephen P.

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“I would like to recommend Mr. Spear and his team of lawyers because they know how to move out in your time of need. His personal approach made me feel I called the right lawyer to handle my case. His team of lawyers kept me informed all the way up to the settlement. Just give him a call and you will see.”

Jordan G.

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“When I got into my car accident, I didn’t know what to do or who I should hire as my attorney. When I went to Mr. Spear’s office, his team made everything so easy and simple for me. They sent me to an awesome chiropractor in my area and handle my case faster then I have ever seen before. The best things about Rand Spear and his team is that they take your case personal as if you are a family member or friend I believe they are the best in the area.”

Jeff B.

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“I was involved in a SEPTA accident on Halloween 2014. I called Rand because I wanted the best firm available to represent my claim. Rand’s office was very attentive and prompt with their responses to my questions concerning the status of my case. I always felt at home and comfortable when dealing with the firm. I never felt like just another case, I was always treated like a valued client. Mr. Spear got me serious compensation for my injury. Give him a call if you want to get real cash settlements. This guy is no joke, he doesn’t play. I am grateful for what Rand did for me and my family.”

Kim R.

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“I received the maximum amount my claim could achieve. I was surprised to find out how hands-on Mr. Spear was with my case. He has assembled a great team of attorneys, who were there from start to finish. They were. Always in contact; returning my calls, depositions, and awesome in the courtroom. I know that I would not have achieved this with any one else. I will recommend them to anyone who has been injured in an accident. He does just like he says, he ‘Got me the most.’

Vic I.

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“If you need a lawyer you need to demand Rand. He is very courteous a will always make time to meet with his clients. And most importantly he got me A LOT of money. You’re cheating yourself if you take your case to anyone else.”

Ashlyn S.

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“Rand Spear is awesome! I would recommend him to any of my friends or family members. Anything you need to be done, they’re on top of it.”

Carol F.

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“I would recommend Rand to anyone who needs a lawyer. He knows how to treat people and he tells it like is he won’t string you along. He always makes himself available to his clients and will work hard for you”

Mirski K.

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“Every time I’ve called in the staff was very friendly and prompt. All of the staff in the office that I had interactions with were very nice and efficient. They were able to get a bigger settlement than I expected!!!”

Jessica M.

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“Great staff and attorneys… Caring and sincere.”

Teri C.

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“Rand Spear provided me with excellent service. Very aggressive attorney! Highly recommended. Lawsuits take time for those who complain that their case has taken over two years. I don’t care who you get it will be long. It’s the courts, not the attorney. My case took over 3 years with Rand Spear and I was satisfied with the results.”

Peter O

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“With his help, I was able to prove my innocence in an accident case. My sincere and deep gratitude to Rand Spear Law Firm.”

Peter A.

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“Most individuals minimize the impact that a devastating car accident has on every aspect of your life. For me, losing the ability to do simple tasks such as carrying things changed instantly, as my arm instability led to irrevocable life changes. That was only the beginning. The impact of the collision led to a loss of a job, loss of a car… so many losses. Rand Spear and his team of extraordinary attorneys worked to change my life for the better. Rand made sure that the many ‘losses’ stopped, and that I was set back on track again. Thank you so much, Rand Spear, for creating a practice that takes care and understands.”

Alfia L.

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“This law office makes it a goal to satisfy its clients! If there is an issue, Mr. Spear will take the time himself to make sure you’re satisfied!”

Joel P.

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“It was the best journey ever. Thought all the pain that we suffer. Rand. Us know and show us too never give. His words are true and his team is like family. He never gave up on us and we will never give up on him. We love you, Rand Spear. We really appreciate you and your team always. And thank you so much.”

Renee W.

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“Great lawyers. They don’t play games and they are all for their clients!! The office is very clean and everything is kept nice and decorated very nice!! I would highly recommend this group of lawyers to anybody who’s in need of a lawyer!! They went above and beyond for me!!”

Lauren S.

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“I’m highly impressed with Mr. Rand’s professionalism and experience. He is the Master in helping innocent people and proving their innocence. I would like to thank him for all his wonderful support and guidance.”

Jacob A.

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“I’m extremely satisfied with their service; the accident case took bit long but yet the result was on my favor. As I’m so impatient and I hate to keep waiting, it’s hard for anyone to handle my type of Client. But Rand Spear team is awesome; I was really impressed with their patience, communication, and skills. I totally understood how much efforts they have put to win the accident case. On one side they have to answer all my tons of queries, convince me, explain me and another side they have to handle the case; even though they have many clients I was never ignored at any point of time. Thank You for everything!”

Michael J.

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“He gets the job done and gets you top dollar!”

Dane W.

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“The very first day I walked into this office, I was greeted by Mr. Spear himself. I had a very unique case; There were very few lawyers who were willing to take it on. Mr. Spear said to me; ‘I’ve never had a case like this before it’s very interesting, I’ll take it.’ His confidence, curiosity, and of course; Attorney Scott Taggert, led us to a settlement. We were on the deadline of the two years to file suit, they were right on it. Whenever I emailed, I got responses. Whenever I called, I got responses. As far as clients well, they can’t make us all happy. We did well with my case. I’m sure that there are many more victories to come. Thank you. Scott, Rand, and staff.”

Damian R.

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“They are very attentive to my needs. They also have very prompt service.”

Melissa M.

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