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At Spear Greenfield we always assure our clients by saying “no one will work harder for you”. As seen in our work ethic, dedication, and successful track record, Rand and the Spear Greenfield legal team take that statement seriously! With numerous personal injury lawyers in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, our law firm has become one of the most successful personal injury law firms. In over 30 years of business, Spear Greenfield always provides our clients aggressive and personalized representation, which has made us one of the leading law firms in the Pennsylvania and New Jersey areas. Below are the main reasons to choose Spear Greenfield when considering a personal injury attorney.


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Below are the main reasons to choose Spear Greenfield when considering a personal injury attorney.

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While other law firms might decide to make a business decision by prematurely settling cases, Spear Greenfield trial attorneys take cases to court, when it is necessary to win the highest payout. We will not sell you short! Spear Greenfield is not afraid to dedicate the maximum amount of time and resources in order to obtain the highest possible award for our clients. In fact, many law firms refer their cases to Spear Greenfield when a lawsuit must be filed.

Spear Greenfield has a team of experienced attorneys that will guide you through your personal injury case. The legal process sometimes requires detailed attention that an individual without a law degree or a lesser attorney cannot commit. The Spear Greenfield approach is:

  • Conduct the investigation to determine whether you have a good case
  • Contact the appropriate parties to ensure there is a viable claim.
  • Hold insurance companies accountable to their responsibilities.
  • Ensure your best interests are represented.

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Case Basics

Spear Greenfield has protected the seriously injured for over 30 years. We offer aggressive representation and first rate client service, because we prioritize each client. Your claim is important to us, and our goal is always to obtain the largest settlement or verdict on your behalf! We understand the serious nature of personal injuries and are 100% committed to winning maximum payouts.


Due to our law firm’s experience, dedication, and resources, Spear Greenfield has won and collected over half a billion dollars in compensation for our clients! Our efforts have won many of our clients a compensation of $300,000 or more. One of our clients was awarded $6.86 million for a fire incident, while another client was awarded $1.1 million for a bus accident. Every year our settlements are among the largest in the area – some so large the amount must remain confidential.

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Verdicts and Settlements

No matter the injuries you have or the medical care you require, Spear Greenfield will connect you with a quality medical professional for both treatment and documentation purposes. With our reputation in the community, our law firm will connect you with the necessary doctor, treatment, or medical professional, even if you do not have insurance!

We love our clients and refuse to turn them away without consideration. Rand Spear and the Spear Greenfield legal team takes cases that other lawyers in Philadelphia and New Jersey won’t touch, because we believe in justice for our clients and are willing to invest towards winning them maximum compensation!

Due to our firm’s 30 year longevity and our attorney’s combined experience of over 200 years, Spear Greenfield is respected both inside and outside the courthouse. As a law firm of successful trial lawyers, signing us as your legal partners elevates your status in the courtroom. Insurance companies recognize our law firm and fear our involvement, because we will not let them pressure you to settle for less!

How We Work

Spear Greenfield began as Rand Spear & Associates and originally consisted of founder Rand Spear and then associate, Marc Greenfield. On January 1, 2000, the law firm was renamed to Spear Greenfield. The law firm has grown over the years and now employs a team of lawyers and support staff to maximize the resources our clients have at their disposal.

Spear Greenfield handles the majority of personal injury case categories, including automobile, slip and fall, and other personal injury accidents. Spear Greenfield attorneys are licensed to practice law in both Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Our law firm offers a free appointment, where we will review your personal injury case. As your legal partners, we will guide you through the legal process and will always represent your best interests!

If you decide to trust your case with Spear Greenfield, it will be assigned to a specific attorney, who is best suited to handle your case. Even though you have one assigned attorney, you will also have the entire Spear Greenfield law firm staff working for you, including attorneys, paralegals, secretaries, and other support staff. At Spear Greenfield, attorneys work together on all cases to provide various perspectives and experiences.

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Spear Greenfield has been providing free legal appointments for the past fifteen years, which includes a review of your case that is confidential and without pressure. This free opportunity allows for a relaxed discussion as we learn more about your accident, guide you through the legal process, and develop a winning strategy for winning maximum payout.

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As you can see, there are many reasons to partner with Spear Greenfield for your personal injury case. When you call or visit our law firm, you will see our client dedication, work ethic, and winning attitude. If you need a law firm that is both equipped and determined to win, choose Spear Greenfield by calling us first! 

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