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At Spear Greenfield, we built our law firm and have championed protecting Philadelphia and New Jersey personal injury victims for over 30 years because of our customer focus. Not only has every client’s claim been important to us, but every client’s question has been important to us! Through over three decades in business, we have understood the serious nature of personal injury accidents and the uncertainty victims face following an accident, so the Spear Greenfield staff has always prioritized answering questions no matter how big or small.

When you or someone you love has been injured, your world most likely has been seismically impacted, and you are confronting serious and complex medical, legal, and financial questions. At Spear Greenfield, we have seen countless clients in this scenario and helped guide them through the barriers by providing both comfort and information. To schedule a free consultation either by phone or an online form, please click below.



Below are several common questions we have received, which might help eliminate some uncertainty related to your personal injury case.

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Spear Greenfield staffs many experienced trial attorneys, who will take a case from the beginning and guide it all the way to a jury verdict if that will guarantee our clients maximum compensation. While various other law firms sign up cases quickly, secure medical treatment, and push for a quick settlement, Spear Greenfield will not sell you short! Whether your case requires the filing of a lawsuit, conducting depositions, or collecting experts, our legal staff is ready to go the distance to maximize your claim!

Overall, Spear Greenfield prides itself on work ethic and client dedication, which has granted us over three decades of championing personal injury victims. Our law firm and lawyers are respected in and out of the courtroom, and our successful track record makes us top of mind in the Pennsylvania and New Jersey areas. Click on the link below to learn more reasons to choose Spear Greenfield when considering a personal injury attorney.

About Us

Your case starts with a free legal consultation, which includes offering information regarding your case to determine the viability of your claim. If your consultation indicates your accident and the related damages were caused by negligence, the next step will be to file a claim. This step leads to attorney investigation, where evidence is reviewed. Once the investigation is completed, your attorney will issue a demand for settlement to the defendant, but if a settlement cannot be agreed upon, the next step will be to file a personal injury lawsuit.

The lead-up to the trial starts with the discovery phase, which includes both sides sharing evidence with the opposing counsel with the intent of an overall case evaluation. Following the discovery phase, mediation allows for the two sides to negotiate prior to the trial. If the mediation fails, the trial allows an objective decision maker, such as a judge or jury, to hear both perspectives and evaluate supporting evidence to determine fault and award damages.

For more information on the general process common to most personal injury cases and the related legal deadlines, please visit our case basics page by clicking below!

Case Basics

The initial consultation is free with no charge or obligation following this meeting. We continuously strive to make it comfortable for you to call our offices. The purpose of this consultation is to collect information that will be used to determine the viability of your claim. Submitting this information does not create an attorney/client relationship, but the information collected will be strictly confidential.

During your free legal consultation, our legal team will examine the unique facts regarding your case from every angle. Some questions we may ask include:

  • When, where and how did the accident occur?
  • What injuries did you or a loved one sustain during the accident?
  • Were there any important factors surrounding the injury?

During the visit, we will obtain the documents related to your case, such as police reports, medical records, and a written statement of the accident events. These documents will help us begin the investigation phase of your accident and injuries. To learn more about the initial consultation including additional questions you may be asked and what specifically to bring, please click below.

Getting Started

We enjoy meeting our clients in person, greeting them with a professional hand shake, and introducing them to members of the Spear Greenfield team, but a physical office visit is not required for your free consultation. We understand the inconvenience of traveling when injured, so we offer two additional methods of performing a consultation without an office visit.

  • We can arrange to visit you at your most convenient time and place.
  • We can set-up a remote consultation either on a phone or video call.

At Spear Greenfield, all cases we undertake are assigned to an attorney. Your case will be designated to a specific attorney based on aligning the needs of your case with an attorney’s experience and expertise. Along with your attorney, our law firm utilizes support staff, such as paralegals and secretaries to assist with your case. While your case will be assigned to one specific attorney, which is your primary point of contact, Spear Greenfield works collectively on all cases, so multiple attorneys will introduce various perspectives and experiences to help in the handling of your case.

This process involves information collection and investigation, which falls into the expertise of a personal injury attorney. A lawyer has the time and resources that are required to ensure a personal injury case is viable. They thoroughly and carefully investigate a case by obtaining police reports, collecting witness statements, documenting medical records, and seeking evidence. From this initial investigation, an attorney will be able to determine whether a case is worthwhile to pursue.

This is the time prescribed by law to file a lawsuit against all the people or entities responsible for the damages suffered from a personal injury accident. This time frame varies depending on the type of case in consideration, so for personal injury cases in Pennsylvania and New Jersey that time frame would be two years. At Spear Greenfield, the ideal time for filing a lawsuit is a year or less following an accident, because it allows time for an in-depth discovery process in case additional parties surface that are responsible for your damages.

For more information on the statute of limitations and the general process common to most personal injury cases, please visit our case basics page by clicking below!

Case Basics

There are two general classifications of damages that are recoverable in a personal injury case: economic and non economic damages. Economic damages are medical bills, past lost wages, future lost wages, out of pocket expenses, all caused by or related to your accident. Non economic damages are related to the injuries, including the injuries themselves, physical symptoms related to injuries, pain, suffering, and the negative effects of injuries on day-to-day activities.

If you are involved in an accident due to someone else’s negligence, you are entitled to compensation, which are generally classified as economic and non economic damages. Economic damages include all medical bills incurred due to the accident, any wages lost from the inability to work following an accident, and any additional out of pocket expenses related to an accident such as co-pays. Non-economic damages include pain, suffering, disability, impairment, or any effects on your daily life caused by the accident injuries.

There is no guaranteed formula to accurately predict the compensation awarded from a case, but generally the value of your case depends upon the outcome of your medical treatment, the extent of your recovery, and the circumstances of the accident. Our Spear Greenfield team is meticulous with collecting information during our initial consultation to ensure you are considering all forms of monetary compensation that you are entitled to from injuries or damages.

There are intangible factors that also affect the value of your case, such as the impression you convey at a deposition, your presentation at trial, and the members that comprise your jury. While some of these factors are uncontrollable variables, they also represent the importance of involving a personal injury lawyer in your case. The attorney’s job involves advocating your case to attain fair and reasonable compensation.

If you would like our team to evaluate the details of your case, please click below and answer the questions surrounding your accident. This form allows us time to review and clarify any information prior to your free consultation, so that our meeting time can focus more on discussing your legal options and answering your questions.

How Much is my Case Worth?

Since every case is different with unique facts, damages, and circumstances, it is impossible to know the duration of time necessary to see a case to resolution. It is also difficult to determine the nature of the resolution.

Please keep in mind that cases involving more significant injuries will naturally take longer to reach a resolution, because a value cannot be accurately established until all treatment and evaluations are completed. In instances involving significant damage, it is favorable to wait to ensure you are receiving fair compensation for all injuries, damages, and medical expenses.

A deposition is questioning a witness about a case prior to the trial. This is conducted to preserve a witness’ testimony and to allow involved parties to learn all of the case facts prior to the trial. By the time a trial begins, the identities of witnesses and the contents of each witnesses’ statement should be known to avoid surprises. Basically, a deposition is an opportunity for all sides to learn where the weak spots are in their respective cases, then prepare for ways to avoid or rebut them at trial.

At Spear Greenfield, we send out an instructional sheet a few weeks prior to your deposition. These instructions allow you time to gain a general understanding of the deposition process. Upon receiving the instructions, you should call your attorney with any questions related to the instruction sheet. In addition, you should access any documents or evidence you need to review in preparation for your deposition. Along with understanding deposition logistics, be mindful of your presentation, which includes having adequate sleep prior to a deposition and dressing appropriately during a deposition. Finally, there will be a preparation session with your attorney prior to the deposition, where you both will review all deposition talking points, and your attorney will provide you valuable insight and suggestions on how to handle yourself during the deposition.

Our personal injury attorneys are not paid unless you win, even if time and resources are spent preparing a case for trial. Lawyers are not entitled to compensation unless the case in question is won.

No Fee Guarantee

Most cases settle before trial with some settling as early as before the litigation process and others settling as late as the day before trial. Even though most cases will not reach the trial phase, partnering with an experienced trial attorney, such as the lawyers at Spear Greenfield, is important to ensure you earn the maximum compensation.

Guiding You Through the Personal Injury Process

Spear Greenfield’s legal team is composed of experienced attorneys who are comfortable in guiding you through your personal injury case. The process is involved and may sometimes require meticulousness and attention, so the legal experts at Spear Greenfield are hear to inform you, not overwhelm you. Click below to learn more about the basic process of a personal injury lawsuit.

Personal Injury Case Guide

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Spear Greenfield Personal Injury Attorneys legal team

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