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Making Sense of a Burn Injury

Serious burns are among the most painful and devastating injuries someone can endure. Not only do burn victims suffer excruciating physical pain that can last for an extended time period, but they are also often left with permanent scarring and disfigurement. Many burn injuries that patients sustain are uncontrollable and linked to the negligence of a separate party. Going to a restaurant and being scalded with hot coffee, being burned by a malfunctioning tanning bed, and sustaining burns from exploding equipment on a job site are all examples of burn injuries caused by uncontrollable circumstances. If you have been burned due to another party’s negligence, it is important to consider your legal options, because you could be entitled to compensation for your injuries.

The team at Spear Greenfield have experience with helping burn victims, so we empathize with the related hardships. We are here to help you recover the compensation you deserve. Our firm is family owned, customer focused, and experienced, which is why we offer a free consultation. This appointment carries no pressure or obligations, just information. Schedule your free consultation either by phone or online by clicking below!

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Considering the Legal Options Following a Burn Injury

In order to earn justice and compensation for the burn injuries suffered in an accident, the injured party must file a personal injury claim against the negligent party. In this process, the injury victim is required to prove negligence took place and directly caused their injuries. Effective evidence types can vary depending on the circumstances of the accident.

Spear Greenfield has guided personal injury clients through the legal process to receive their entitled compensation. Allow our law firm to represent your best interests and fight for the compensation you rightfully deserve. Below are some of the initial steps in the legal process that link to additional information to get you started.

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Types of Burn Injuries

One factor that will dictate the legal options following a burn injury is identifying the type of burn you suffered. While each type has its own severity range, all of these burns cause excruciating pain and require medical attention following the accident.

  • Chemical Burns – These burns occur when the skin contacts strong acids. If severe enough, chemical burns could be life-threatening. Depending on the chemical type, the burn symptoms can appear instantaneously or may not develop for hours.
  • Radiation Burns – Radiation burns are usually caused by medical testing procedures in hospitals and can range from mild to severe.
  • Surface Burns – These types of burns are typically superficial but can still be extremely painful and leave scarring.
  • Electrical Burns – Electrical burns may cause damage beneath the skin that affects internal organs and tissue. Cases of this type of burn category can prove fatal.

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Determining Liability For Burn Injuries

A burn injury can be classified as a catastrophic injury when serious enough. Severe burns usually cause substantial financial burdens, so burn injury victims may be entitled to significant compensation as a result. This may be the case in the event of the following situations:

  • Serious injuries tend to require medical attention such as surgery, rehabilitation, the use of a medical device, or subscriptions for medication for the rest of the injury victim’s life. Compensation can be provided to afford these medical expenses.
  • Some burn injuries can limit or halt a victim’s ability to return to work for an extended time, so compensation may be awarded for lost wages in these situations.

People with burns are able to file negligence claims on the basis that all individuals are owed some duty of care by others. In order to avoid injuries and the associated legal issues, property owners view their duty of care responsibility seriously. In the event that a party fails to fulfill duty of care and an accident happens as a result, the injured party can sue for negligence.

When pursuing legal action, the injured party must prove negligence occurred, and that the negligent act directly caused their injuries. This proof can be accomplished with evidence, and if successful, the injured party may recover compensation as coverage for all damages sustained as a result of the accident. Some examples of evidence includes:


Pictures or videos taken by you or other witnesses


Surveillance footage


Statements from witnesses who saw the accident


Medical records outlining injuries sustained in an accident


Pictures of the conditions that caused the accident

From experience, our lawyers empathize with the devastating nature of burn injuries, which can take both a physical or mental toll. At Spear Greenfield, our clients suffering burn injuries sometimes take an extended time to heal and the frustration of that process is palpable. Please do not face these burdens alone! Below is a link to a simplified guide of the legal process.

Case Basics

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Spear Greenfield is a customer centered firm that offers quality legal services during your greatest time of need. Since we truly care about our client’s well being, our consultations are free and contain no pressure or obligations. In order to schedule a complimentary consultation with the Spear Greenfield legal team, please complete the form below.

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    Why Choose Spear Greenfield?

    As mentioned above, burn injuries can range from mild to serious, but at Spear Greenfield we don’t shy away from any case, no matter how big or small. For clients with serious burn injuries, our law firm offers access to extensive medical contacts to ensure you receive the necessary treatment and to guarantee all medical issues caused by the accident are documented. Due to our reputation in the community, Spear Greenfield can connect you with the necessary doctor, treatment, or medical professional, even if you do not have insurance! Below are some additional reasons to choose Spear Greenfield.

    • Since our experienced team of lawyers are motivated by their passion to help our suffering clients, it is not surprising that Spear Greenfield has earned over half a billion dollars for clients in our 30 years of business. One of our clients was awarded $6.86 million for a fire incident, while another client was awarded $1.1 million for a bus accident. Our law firm has a track record of success, so provide yourself the best chance of earning the maximum amount of compensation by partnering with a winning law firm for your personal injury case!
    • Due to our team’s experience, Spear Greenfield is the perfect partner for guiding you through your personal injury case. The legal process requires extensive meticulousness and attention, which an individual without a law degree or even a lesser attorney cannot commit. Lean on our attorneys to perform the investigation, determine whether you have a good case, and contact the appropriate parties to ensure there is a viable claim. Our team is here to ensure you are not overwhelmed but are always informed.
    • The Spear Greenfield team will never sell you short! We have a staff filled with trial lawyers, so if our team determines that going to court will provide the most compensation, we will not hesitate to go the distance. Other firms may be apprehensive to invest the time and resources, but at Spear Greenfield, we will always go the distance for our clients!

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    Personal Injury Verdicts

    The following summary of recent personal injury accident verdicts and settlements demonstrates our proven track record.

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    Whether a burn is a mild or a catastrophic injury, this type of injury can cause physical, mental, and emotional burdens. There is no need to suffer through hardship alone, especially when that hardship is due to another party’s negligence. Spear Greenfield will be your partner through the legal process to ensure that you receive treatment and the rightful compensation for your damages.

    With our no fee guarantee, there is no risk in partnering with our law firm, because we will not accept payment unless you win! We care about our clients and want to help you during your difficult times, which is why we offer this guarantee. If you or a family member has suffered a personal injury, please call us today to schedule a free consultation. This meeting carries no pressure or obligations, just information! To schedule online, please click blow.