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Making Sense of a Neck and Back injury

Neck and back injuries, such as herniated discs or broken bones, leave personal injury victims with serious concerns regarding their health. Suffering a serious injury to your neck or back in any type of accident can substantially deter your life or even cause permanent damage. An injury to your neck and back can have severe consequences, so it is also important to seek legal consultation following these injuries.

At the law offices of Spear Greenfield, we protect injury victims who are suffering due to the carelessness or irresponsibility of negligent parties. Since our firm prides itself on serving clients throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey, we offer a free consultation to learn more about your accident and educate you about your legal options. The free consultation contains no pressure or obligations, just information! Let the Spear Greenfield legal team help you receive the compensation that you deserve! You can either schedule your appointment with our Pennsylvania and New Jersey neck injury lawyers by phone or online by clicking below.

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Choosing From Your Legal Options After a Joint Injury

Some of the most common causes of neck and back injuries in Philadelphia include slips and falls and vehicle accidents, because of the sudden impact or motion involved. For example, a car accident can cause whiplash, a soft tissue injury associated with a sudden back and forth motion of a person’s head and neck. Typically, whiplash injuries generally only last for six weeks, but severe accidents can cause lifelong pain or discomfort.

As mentioned above, the chance of lasting implications from a neck or back injury makes it critical to explore your legal options following an accident. With 30 years in business and 200 years of combined experience from our attorneys, the Spear Greenfield legal team has guided countless clients through a complex and meticulous legal process. Our goal is to ensure you are informed, not overwhelmed. Below are some of the initial steps in that process that link to additional information to get you started.

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Types of Neck and Back Injuries

An important step following an accident is to schedule an MRI or see a physician to receive a proper diagnosis. This will not only document the sustained injury but determine the type of injury. There are various injuries that cause neck and back issues, which require specific treatments. Some neck and back injuries that may result from an accident include:


Herniated discs


Disc protrusions


Bulging discs





No matter the specific injury type, many neck and back injuries can be painful. Depending on the injury type, there is the possibility of long rehab times or even consistent lifelong issues. Due to the difficulties related to neck and back injuries, the importance of seeking legal representation for this category of injuries cannot be overstated. Spear Greenfield has overwhelming experience with personal injury cases, and our Pennsylvania and New Jersey neck injury lawyers will guide you through the legal process. Click below to learn more about the basics surrounding a personal injury case.

Case Basics

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    Experience the Spear Greenfield Advantage

    With more than 30 years in practice, the Spear Greenfield team has helped numerous individuals and families throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey recover damages resulting from personal injury accidents. Our desire to assist people who are suffering due to someone else’s negligence fuels our passion and unwavering commitment to seeking justice.

    Our clients are important to us. Unlike various other neck injury attorneys, we will not treat you like just another case file. Regardless of your case’s size, scope, or complexity, you will receive the care and attention you deserve. Your lawyer will be available to answer your questions and address your concerns throughout the process. Our goal is to obtain the largest jury award or insurance company settlement on your behalf.

    Other reasons to partner with Spear Greenfield Personal Injury Attorneys include:

    • We go the distance: Too many lawyers focus on reaching a quick settlement, even if it limits the potential for a substantial recovery. While we will explore this option, we have discovered that pursuing a lawsuit is often more likely to serve our clients’ best interests. We have the courtroom experience and savvy to attain a successful outcome in a jury trial. If you determine that settling is the better course of action, we have the negotiating skills required to win the battle with the insurer.
    • We have earned respect: Over the years, our firm has earned significant respect, both inside and outside the legal community. Many PA and NJ law firms refer their clients to us to handle personal injury matters due to our extensive experience and excellent track record. And insurance companies think twice about tangling with us — they know we have the skill, resources, and determination to do whatever it takes.
    • We will help you get quality treatment: Physical recovery from a neck or back injury can be long and painful. We work with an extensive network of health care professionals who will deliver high-quality medical treatment to speed up the process and help you resume your normal activities. We can even assist you if you do not carry any or enough health insurance coverage.
    • We get the top compensation for our clients: We have helped the people we represent earn more than $500 million in judgments and settlements during our three decades in practice. We implement the same tenacious approach whether we are seeking a relatively small or large compensation amount.

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    The following summary of recent personal injury settlements in PA & NJ demonstrates our proven track record.

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    Fall due to malfunctioning automatic doors
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    Slipped on a wet floor
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    Are you suffering from serious neck and back injuries as a result of another party’s negligence? If so, it is important to speak with an attorney about the possibility of taking legal action. If you have suffered physical, emotional, or financial burdens from a neck or back injury, Spear Greenfield will represent your best interests and fight for maximum compensation!

    As a family-owned law firm, the Spear Greenfield legal team truly cares, which is why we offer a no fee guarantee. This guarantee means we will not accept payment unless you win! We understand potential clients are tentative to reach out due to the perceived expense of a lawyer, so we want to eliminate the risk. If you or a family member has suffered a personal injury, please call us today. Get the right lawyer, the right advice, right now!