7 Types of Evidence to Strengthen Your Slip and Fall Claim

September 1, 2022
Legally Reviewed By Rand Spear, Esq.

Property owners have a certain level of liability and responsibility for the safety of their visitors. Occasionally, their guests may trip and fall due to ice, snow, uneven thresholds, poorly maintained staircases or other reasons. These falls can cause significant injury and losses for the individual.

What Evidence Do I Need for a Slip and Fall Claim?

If you or a loved one have slipped and fallen on another’s property, you could be entitled to compensation. Evidence in slip and fall cases is crucial to prove the property owner’s responsibility.

There are many kinds of evidence that will strengthen your slip and fall claim. The different types of evidence used in slip and fall cases include:

1. Video Footage

Most commercial and many private properties have CCTV cameras recording the premises. If the area of your fall has a CCTV camera, request a copy of the footage from the building owner.

2. Photos of the Location

Photographic evidence is paramount in these cases, especially falls caused by ice, snow, water or other debris that can be cleaned or removed. Take photos of the cause of the fall and your injuries before the evidence is lost.

3. Maintenance Logs

If a property owner has neglected to maintain staircases and other public walkways or keep them up to local and national building code regulations, injury can occur. Request a building maintenance log from the property owner to assess whether dangerous conditions were recently addressed.

4. Weather Reports

If ice or rain caused your fall, a weather report for the day of the incident could become an essential piece of evidence in your slip and fall case.

5. Witnesses

Like any other accident, eyewitnesses offer a critical form of evidence. Gather the full names, contact details and statements of as many people who witnessed the fall as possible.

6. Medical Records

If you’ve sustained injuries due to your fall, seek professional medical treatment — even for circumstances that don’t require a doctor’s visit. The medical records you obtain will become a tangible form of evidence in your case.

7. Bills

You may experience financial losses, whether that’s due to lost time at work or unexpected expenses. Keep a record of any bills, time off of work and other financial losses you’ve accrued due to your fall.

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