Property Incident Checklist

What Actions Should You Take Following a Property Incident?

A slip-and-fall accident can leave you shaken and confused, especially if you suffer an injury. However, taking the appropriate steps after the accident is crucial for health and legal reasons.

If you are physically able, collect as much information as possible about the event. If you have access to your phone, use it to take photos and videos of the site — these can be invaluable in assisting your slip-and-fall attorney when pursuing legal actions against a negligent party like a property owner or landlord.

Why is this evidence necessary? You and your lawyers will have the burden of proof when seeking a favorable financial settlement or jury award. You must show that the other party’s negligence contributed to the incident. The more documentation you can provide to your attorneys, the more compelling a case they can prepare and present. Consequently, you can significantly increase the likelihood of attaining a favorable outcome and securing the maximum compensation.

The following post-fall checklist outlines the appropriate steps to take after a property incident:

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Following a property accident, you or others may have sustained injuries. Whether minor or substantial, ensure all injured parties receive help. Call 911 if necessary.

Ensure you find a way to document an accident took place on a property. This documentation can be accomplished by gathering contact information from witnesses that saw the incident, collecting medical records from the 911 responders that treated you, or requesting surveillance footage that captured the accident occurring. This evidence is important for legally establishing the occurrence of the incident.

Collecting necessary information from the accident scene is critical for the investigation of a personal injury accident. Some information to collect following an accident includes:

  • Names and contact information from accident witnesses
  • Names and company information from insurance representatives
  • Names, contact information, and accident reports from any first responders on site

If you are safely able, take pictures or videos of the conditions that caused the accident and the aftermath of the surrounding area following the accident. Pictures and videos allow for documentation of the accident scene, which will be useful as the accident is investigated. This media might even be utilized as evidence.

Even if you do not immediately feel injured, seek medical treatment as soon as possible. Through this process, inform your medical providers of all physical symptoms and limitations you have experienced since the incident. Injuries might not surface until later, so being checked by a doctor allows you to be aware of those injuries that are not initially apparent. A medical exam will also offer you an official diagnosis from a professional and document all injuries as the accident investigation continues.

Keep receipts for all of your related expenses following the incident, including repairs, parking, transportation, medical bills, co-pays, etc.

After an accident, schedule a consultation with a personal injury lawyer. This will help you understand the legalities surrounding your accident. A lawyer will guide you through the legal process efficiently and communicate with the insurance companies, which do not always have your best interests in mind. If you’re looking to win maximum compensation for your accident, a personal injury attorney maximizes that opportunity!

Getting Started

Property Incidents on Commercial Property

While the above checklist applies to all property incidents, below are important steps to take following a personal injury sustained on commercial property.


Ask to speak with the manager in charge of the premises


Ask the manager to preserve video footage capturing the accident area


Make sure an incident report is prepared


Make sure the incident report is an accurate description


Do not sign an incident report or other document unless it accurately describes the incident.


For personal information, only provide your name and telephone number


Demand a copy of the incident report


Get the name, title, and business telephone number of every employee with whom you speak


Get the name, title, and business telephone number of every employee in the area when the incident occurred

Collect the Following Information

As mentioned above, it is important to collect information from the accident scene. If you are physically able to, below is some of the necessary information to gather following an accident.


Names and contact info from witnesses of the accident


Name and business number from the property site manager


Contact info from first responders or police officers onsite


Copies of any incident report filed regarding your accident


Names and business numbers from any property employee you meet

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Perhaps the most important step on our post-slip-and-fall checklist is contacting a personal injury attorney. At Spear Greenfield, we recognize that these incidents can present multiple physical, financial, and emotional challenges. We will handle your case with the attention and care it deserves while treating you with dignity and respect throughout the process.

We will also ensure you receive the appropriate medical care you need to recover from your injuries as quickly and completely as possible. We have cultivated an extensive network of exceptional healthcare professionals who will deliver top-notch treatment and provide comprehensive documentation for evidentiary purposes.


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