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Making Sense of a Restaurant Accident in Pennsylvania and New Jersey

When venturing out to eat, the intent is to enjoy a nice meal without issue, but accidents can happen in restaurants. It is the responsibility of the restaurant employees to be attentive and ensure that there are no hazards that could injure a patron. When this negligence causes a serious accident that results in physical, mental, or financial damages, it is important for the injured party to consider their legal options.

At Spear Greenfield, we understand the devastation following an injury and offer a free consultation to personal injury victims. This appointment provides us the opportunity to learn more about your accident and educate you about your legal options. This consultation carries no pressure or obligation, just information. Schedule your free consultation by either phone or online form fill by clicking below!

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Considering the Legal Options Following a Restaurant Accident

When an accident happens due to negligence, the injured party can file a personal injury claim to hold the negligent party liable. The easiest way to prove negligence is with evidence, such as medical documentation of the injuries, photos or video of the hazard, witness statements, and more. An injury claim requires the injured party to prove negligence by showing two connecting factors, which are listed below.

  • The restaurant owner knew or should have reasonably known about the hazard that caused the accident
  • The owner failed to correct the known issue.

Spear Greenfield has guided personal injury clients through the legal process to receive their entitled compensation. Allow Spear Greenfield to represent your best interests and guide you through the legal process. Below are some of the initial steps in that process that link to additional information to get you started.

Causes of Restaurant Accidents

Restaurant accident causes can vary, and there are numerous situations that can cause a restaurant accident. Each accident type can cause a wide range of injuries from minor cuts to severe life altering disabilities. Some of the types of restaurant accidents or causes of restaurant accidents that our firm has assisted clients in handling are listed below.




Slip and Falls


Inadequate security


Faulty Stairwells


Poor lighting


Parking lot accidents


Food poisoning

In many ways, restaurant accidents are similar to all slip and fall cases, because there are nuances with each case, such as determining the party liable for your injuries, accessing types of injuries along with the injury extent, and collecting the evidence necessary for proving a party’s negligence led to a restaurant accident. To expand on the details surrounding these topics, please click on the link below.

Additional Considerations

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Determining Liability For Injuries At Restaurants

When the victims of restaurant accidents in Pennsylvania and New Jersey decide that they want to take legal action against the restaurant that was negligent and caused their injuries, they must fulfill the burden of proof. Fulfilling this proof means that the injured party must prove that the restaurant’s negligence caused their injuries. As mentioned above, obtaining evidence is the most effective way to fulfill the burden of proof. Some important forms of evidence are listed below.

  • Pictures or videos taken by you or other patrons
  • Surveillance footage
  • Contact information from witnesses that witnessed the accident.
  • Pictures of the conditions that caused the accident

While evidence fulfills the burden of proof, the other critical factor is whether a hazard should have been apparent to and attended to by the property owner or manager. In some cases, the complexity of your specific case might dictate if attorney involvement is necessary. Even in more straight forward accident cases, involving a personal injury attorney could provide you an advantage and assure you receive the best compensation. Click on the link below to learn more about the considerations for involving a lawyer in your restaurant accident claim.

Slip and Fall Attorney Involvement

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At Spear Greenfield, we have accrued over 30 years of helping clients, who have faced struggles caused by an unexpected or devastating personal injury accident. Our attorneys have over 200 years of combined experience and the experience of guiding a case from first consultation to trial. Throughout our longevity, our client centered approach and successful track record have ensured that our countless clients recovered from their hardships caused by a personal injury accident.

In order to ensure you receive the assistance you deserve with your personal injury accident, we offer a free consultation with one of our legal professionals. This appointment allows us to learn more about your accident and educate you on your legal options. Despite being free, our consultations carry no pressure or obligations. In order to schedule a complimentary consultation with the Spear Greenfield legal team, please complete the form below.

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    Why Choose Spear Greenfield?

    Restaurant accidents can range from mild to serious, but the damages caused by an accident could deter your life. This makes the consideration of hiring a strong legal team essential! The strength of Spear Greenfield is represented in our desire to go the distance! Our firm has experienced trial lawyers and the available resources to take a case to trial when necessary to achieve the greatest compensation. We will not sell you short by settling for an inferior amount. We fight for our clients and their desire for justice and compensation. Below are some additional reasons to choose Spear Greenfield.

    • Restaurant accidents can cause devastating injuries for our clients. Due to our robust portfolio of medical contacts, Spear Greenfield does not shy away from these extreme personal injury cases. No matter the injury severity, our law firm will connect you with a medical professional to provide you with the necessary treatment and documentation.
    • With a team of attorneys that accounts for over 200 years of experience and a legal staff willing to go the distance, the success of Spear Greenfield over 30 years is not surprising. Our law firm has been so successful that we have won a total of half a billion dollars for our clients!
    • Spear Greenfield is recognized for a client-centered approach, which may be due to the law firm being a family owned business. We respect the importance of family, so when you sign on as a client for Spear Greenfield, we welcome you into our family. This means our staff will be dedicated to your case and will work hard to help you achieve justice and compensation!

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    Why Choose Spear Greenfield

    Personal Injury Verdicts

    The following summary of recent slip and fall accident verdicts and settlements demonstrates our proven track record.

    fire icon
    Fire caused by faulty wiring
    work injury icon
    Stairwell fall from defective handrail
    work injury icon
    Fall due to malfunctioning automatic doors
    work injury icon
    Slipped on a wet floor
    work injury icon
    Slipped and fell from icy steps
    work injury icon
    Slipped and fell from snow and ice

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