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Making Sense of a Stairwell Accident in Pennsylvania and New Jersey

The majority of us utilize stairwells daily, and no one expects they will sustain an injury by simply taking a flight of stairs. Unfortunately, accidents can occur anywhere and can seriously impact an individual’s life physically, emotionally, and financially. This makes it critical to contact a personal injury attorney immediately after a stairwell accident.

While some stairwell injuries can be an individual’s own fault due to carelessness or rushing, other accidents are caused by the negligence of a property owner. This negligence is the failure of a property owner to maintain their stairwells and ensure a safe environment. Examples of negligence include a stairwell having insufficient lighting, broken railings, damaged steps, and more.

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Going Over Potential Legal Actions After an Apartment Accident

People who are injured in a stairwell due to the negligence of a property owner may want to hold the negligent party liable by pursuing legal action. In order for that case to be successful, it must be proven that the owner’s negligence caused the accident. The injured party must also show that the property owner knew or should have reasonably known about the staircase hazard and failed to fix it. This can be accomplished with evidence such as pictures of the hazard, video of the scene, a police report of the incident, medical documentation of the injuries, and any witness statements.

This legal process can be challenging and meticulous, so seeking a personal injury attorney’s guidance may be prudent. Spear Greenfield attorneys have a combined 200 years of experience in handling personal injury claims. We help our clients navigate the process with information, skill, and compassion.

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Types of Damages You May Get After a Stairwell Accident

Injuries occurring in stairwell accidents can cross the bridge from mild to serious. They can also cause damage beyond the physical and put emotional and financial burdens on victims.

The kinds of damages you can claim after a stairwell accident are financial and noneconomic. Financial damages are those you can assign a value to, while noneconomic ones are more challenging to quantify.

Examples of financial damages include:

  • Pay you’ve lost and may continue to lose due to missed work.
  • Treatment and medication costs for your injuries.
  • Personal property damage arising from your accident.

Noneconomic damages are those like:

  • Emotional stress.
  • Loss of joy in living.
  • Pain and suffering.

Any time you experience a slip and fall accident, you have many things to consider beyond damages. You can read more about them by following the link below.

Additional Considerations

Determining Liability and Evidence Collection Following an Accident

As mentioned above, the legal process surrounding a stairwell accident requires proof that another party’s negligence caused your injury. In most cases, proof is the most useful way to demonstrate negligence. Some key types of evidence you’ll need include:


Visual evidence like videos


Police report


Surveillance footage


Contact information from witnesses that saw the accident.


Pictures of the unsafe conditions that led to an accident

Because evidence is essential, you should take the following steps to help document your claim:

  • Call the police, especially in more serious accidents, because they can help maintain a safe environment and properly document the accident.
  • Take pictures of the accident scene and unsafe conditions if you are able.
  • Ask anyone who witnessed the accident for their contact information.

A stairwell accident lawyer can efficiently gather and present all additional evidence needed to satisfy the burden of proof. Your personal injury claim will be successful by proving the following point… A property owner knew or should have reasonably known about a stairwell’s unsafe conditions and failed to fix the hazard that caused your injuries. Proving that is easier said than done, so to learn more about why to involve a lawyer in your stairwell accident claim, follow the link below.

Slip and Fall Attorney Involvement

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No matter how serious a stairwell accident is, there can be burdens associated with the incident. Along with proving negligence, it is important to assess damages correctly to ensure you are receiving the rightful stairwell accident compensation. At Spear Greenfield, we have aided clients in comparable situations for over 30 years. Our stairwell accident attorneys are experienced in guiding you through the legal process. With our experience, work ethic, customer focus, and proven track record, Spear Greenfield will earn you justice and maximum stairwell accident compensation! We will go the distance for you, represent your best interests, and fight on your behalf throughout this legal process.

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    Why Spear Greenfield Should Be Your First Choice

    Coping with the aftermath of a personal injury accident can be challenging. The claims process can make it even more so, which is why you need an attorney to protect your rights. Spear Greenfield should be your first choice for a stairwell accident law firm because:

    • We know the process: Personal injury cases require timely filing and attention to detail to succeed. The entire staff at Spear Greenfield is familiar with handling the creation and documentation of a factual claim.
    • We devote the resources: No claim is too big or small for Spear Greenfield. We dedicate our firm’s time, attention, and help to every case we file.
    • We go the distance: Our attorneys never pressure clients to accept low settlements to avoid litigation. We fight to get the most compensation for our clients and regularly present cases before the court to reach that goal.
    • We have the experience: The skilled team at Spear Greenfield boasts a collective experience spanning over 200 years. We’ve turned that into a 30-year history of results and more than half a billion in client awards.
    • We earn respect: Other area attorneys and insurance companies know our name and our approach to protecting client rights. As a result, you get lawyers with the reputation of putting client interests first.

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