What are Common Causes of Car Accidents in Pennsylvania?

All drivers are required to follow the rules of the road. This means they have to pay attention at all times and not be negligent behind the wheel. While this is true, there are many drivers who still break the law and engage in actions that are considered negligent driving. This can include the following: Texting The increase in smartphones over the years has caused more people to use them…Read More

Everything You Need to Know About Car Accidents in Pennsylvania

People are given their driver’s license on the contingency that they follow the rules of the road when operating a vehicle. However, this is unfortunately not always the case and people act negligently on the road. This can cause car accidents to occur. Sometimes, these accidents are minor and there is little to no damage done. Other times, they can be severe and cause serious injuries that have the potential…Read More

What Distracted Driving Behavior Causes the Most Accidents?

  5 Distracted Driving Behaviors That Can Cause a Bad Car Accident If you have been injured by a distracted driver, you have important legal rights. Talk to a car accident lawyer in Philadelphia. In recent years, distracted driving has reached epidemic levels. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that over 3,400 people died in distracted driving crashes in 2016, and the number continues to climb. The NHTSA…Read More

Have You Been Injured by a Texting Driver in Pennsylvania?

People are busy these days and many drivers use their driving time as opportunities to make calls and text using their phones. You’ve likely found yourself doing this at times. It’s easy to think to yourself, it will only take a second. However, it’s been shown that it takes a minimum of five seconds when you text – five seconds that your eyes and attention are taken off the road.…Read More

Philadelphia Auto Accident Lawyer Rand Spear Discusses Summer Drunk Drivers Causing Injuries

Summer has been dubbed the season of the 100 deadliest days Summer is a time most people associate with vacations, road trips, and time spent with loved ones (or in a hammock reading a book). It’s a chance to relax in warm weather, or splash around in the pool or under the sprinkler with the kids. Unfortunately, summer is also the worst time of year for drunk driving hazards. Simply…Read More

Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyer Says More Americans Are Driving Distracted

According to a new study, Americans are driving distracted nearly every time they get behind the wheel, says Rand Spear, Philadelphia car accident lawyer.   Safety app developer Zendrive recently published a comprehensive study that examined distracted driving behaviors among Americans — and the results are sobering. The study spanned three months and analyzed the driving behaviors of 3 million motorists over 570 million trips and 5.6 billion miles reports…Read More

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