Do I Need an Attorney for My Slip and Fall Accident Injury?

Slip and fall accident claims are a type of personal injury case in which an individual slips, trips and or falls on someone else’s property and suffers an injury, as a result of some sort of hazardous condition that should have been attended to by the property owner or manager. They can be complicated cases, in that there are several elements that have to be proven (with supportive evidence) in…Read More

Minor Slip & Falls Can Cause Major Problems

What may seem to be a minor injury after a slip and fall may actually lead to a lifetime disability says Philadelphia slip and fall lawyer Rand Spear. It started simply enough. An Injured victim was leaving his apartment, walking down a flight of stairs when one of them collapsed causing him to tumble down the remaining steps. Leach, a member of the Air Force, though he sprained his ankle.…Read More

No One Will Work Harder For You

If You've Been Injured, You Need To Demand Rand

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