More Accidents To Come Warns Philadelphia Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Rand Spear

Drivers and motorcyclists will be driving more with warmer weather, increasing the number of accidents warns Philadelphia motorcycle accident lawyer Rand Spear. As the weather warms motorcyclists are more common on our streets and highways. The rest of us need to be more aware of them and be more willing to share the road with those on two wheels. All too often negligent drivers injure or kill motorcyclists because they’re…Read More

Philadelphia Truck Accident Lawyer: New Regulations to Reduce Truck Accidents

Rand Spear Philadelphia truck accident lawyer discusses new proposed regulations that should help prevent accidents.   If you drive down any busy highway, you’re guaranteed to see a large number of semi-trucks. While most semi operators obey the law, they also drive on the clock, and they suffer financial consequences if they don’t make deliveries on schedule. With so much pressure to “get it there faster,” it’s no wonder that…Read More

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