What Do I Do if I Suspect Medical Malpractice?

Medical errors occur much more frequently than you probably imagine. There are many ways that it can happen, and you might not even be aware that you have been a victim. It is a reality that sometimes negative medical outcomes just happen, and no one is to blame. However, there are also many instances when patients suffer negative consequences due to a medical mistake that could have been prevented. How…Read More

Philadelphia Medical Malpractice Lawyer Discusses the Top 5 Most Common Medical Mistakes

Did you know that medical mistakes are now the third leading cause of death in the United States? Researchers at Johns Hopkins Medicine say that medical errors now claim more lives than car accidents and rank just behind heart disease and cancer as the top causes of death in the country. When you rely on a doctor to keep you safe and to take care of you when you’re at…Read More

No One Will Work Harder For You

If You've Been Injured, You Need To Demand Rand

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