A Disaster Waiting to Happen Says Philadelphia Truck Accident Lawyer Rand Spear

Commercial trucks need to secure their loads and keep roads and highways safe even if an accident happens says Philadelphia truck accident lawyer Rand Spear. When a commercial truck enters a street or highway with a load that’s not properly secured it’s a potential disaster waiting to happen. Drivers and shippers have an obligation to safely secure their loads so they don’t pose a hazard to others. Philadelphia truck accident…Read More

Wind Stronger Than Trucks Says Philadelphia Truck Accident Lawyer Rand Spear

Strong winds may cause a tractor-trailer driver to lose control and cause an accident warns Philadelphia truck accident lawyer Rand Spear. Tractor-trailers are powerful machines but in the wrong conditions these trucks are like toys to Mother Nature. An accident earlier this year on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge near Virginia Beach, Virginia, shows how vulnerable lightly loaded commercial trucks are when strong winds start blowing. Philadelphia truck accident lawyer Rand…Read More

Philadelphia Truck Accident Lawyer Rand Spear on Danger Due to Unsecured Loads

Objects falling off vehicles and trucks can create a hazard which could cause accidents and serious injures says Philadelphia truck accident lawyer Rand Spear.   Objects falling off of personal trucks and trailers, as well as those coming off of commercial vehicles, can cause serious injuries and deaths. For any number of reasons if something is not properly stored or secured it can fall off a vehicle. This is especially…Read More

Philadelphia Truck Accident Lawyer: New Regulations to Reduce Truck Accidents

Rand Spear Philadelphia truck accident lawyer discusses new proposed regulations that should help prevent accidents.   If you drive down any busy highway, you’re guaranteed to see a large number of semi-trucks. While most semi operators obey the law, they also drive on the clock, and they suffer financial consequences if they don’t make deliveries on schedule. With so much pressure to “get it there faster,” it’s no wonder that…Read More

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