Can I Sue After a Slip and Fall Accident in Pennsylvania?

In the state of Pennsylvania, there are many people who can be found walking on a daily basis. This may be as a means of transportation, leisure, or exercise. No matter the purpose, people rarely ever consider the idea that they will be involved in an accident while they are out walking. Usually, this is the case and there are no problems. However, it is possible to be harmed in…Read More

How Do I Sue After an Airport Accident in Pennsylvania?

There are thousands of people in airports at any given time. There are many people who travel for either work or pleasure. In doing so, any worries that they may have are usually associated with actually being in the air, not on the ground. However, it is possible for travelers to be involved in an accident at the airport if the grounds are not properly taken care of. These accidents…Read More

What Is “Open and Obvious” in a Slip and Fall Case?

Slips and falls can happen just about anywhere. When you slip and fall in a store, you may have a case for personal injury under a theory of premises liability. In a slip and fall case, the defendant might try to argue that it’s not responsible for your injury because you should have noticed the hazard. This defense is generally known as the “open and obvious” doctrine. The Duty to…Read More

Most Common Causes of Slip and Fall Accidents

Every year, as many as a million people visit a hospital’s emergency room after sustaining injuries in slip and fall accidents. The injuries that are caused by these types of accidents vary widely, from minor bruises to broken bones to traumatic brain injuries. Many slip and fall injuries are completely preventable, and are therefore grounds for personal injury claims. The following are the five most common types of slip and…Read More

Who Can Be Held Liable in a Slip and Fall Case?

No matter how careful you are, chances are you have taken a tumble or two in your lifetime. In some cases, a fall results in little more than a bruised ego — and maybe a bruised posterior. However, in other cases, a slip and fall is caused by someone else’s negligence, and the fall itself results in significant and sometimes even catastrophic injuries. According to the Centers for Disease Control…Read More

Do I Need an Attorney for My Slip and Fall Accident Injury?

Slip and fall accident claims are a type of personal injury case in which an individual slips, trips and or falls on someone else’s property and suffers an injury, as a result of some sort of hazardous condition that should have been attended to by the property owner or manager. They can be complicated cases, in that there are several elements that have to be proven (with supportive evidence) in…Read More

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