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If you’ve been injured due to a company’s product, Rand Spear, THE Accident Lawyer will fight to win what you deserve Don’t settle for any personal injury lawyer, DEMAND RAND.

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We ONLY get paid when we win your personal injury case. When Rand Spear takes your case, you don’t have to worry about expensive legal fees. We work on a contingency basis – we take our fees out of what we win for you – never out of pocket.   There is no risk to working with Rand Spear: The Accident Lawyer. We are incentivized to WIN your case – and win BIG!


Step-by-Step Guidance

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Step-by-Step Guidance

The insurance companies will do practically anything to deny or devalue your claim. We provide absolutely free consultation to guide you through the steps needed to win. Don’t take chances with something this important. Call us first! Call us now!

Medical Connections

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Medical Connections

We can connect you with orthopedists, neurologists and other medical experts to help you recover from your injuries. We have connections with top specialists in the Philadelphia and New Jersey Region.

Top Reputation

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Top Reputation

Judges know who we are. Insurance companies know we mean business. We are one of the top law firms that handle litigation in the Philadelphia and New Jersey region, and we generate some of the largest awards and settlements because of our experience and reputation. Injury claims are all we handle… for over 30 years. While some law firms are nationwide, our reputation is firmly grounded in this area.

Live 24/7 Service

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Live 24/7 Service

Call the offices of Spear Greenfield at anytime and a live person will answer. If you have a question or a need, we are here to make sure you are getting the level of care you deserve 24/7.

Online & In-Person Access

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Online & In-Person Access

We meet with you where you want, when you want and how you want. We provide free transportation to meetings at our offices; we can come to you; or we can do everything virtual. It's your choice.

Compassionate Care

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Compassionate Care

We are in this profession because we genuinely love people. We treat each client like family. We want YOU to become part of the Spear family!

Over 300 Five-Star Google Reviews!

  • I am happy that I chose Spear company especially during the pandemic times when it’s important to have someone you can rely on. My calls were always returned. My paralegal... read more

    Anna Feting Avatar Anna Feting
    November 2, 2021

    I had a very good experience with this firm and feel thankful to Rand Spear and his team. Rand answered all the questions I had about my situation. ... read more

    Galina Yusibova Avatar Galina Yusibova
    December 2, 2021
  • I am very pleased with this firm. Richard Kugel who worked on my case was fantastic! I always received a quick response whenever I had any questions and he went... read more

    Sverdlova18 Avatar Sverdlova18
    November 2, 2021

    Rand Spear helped me receive what I deserved for my injury case. I would recommend him to everyone! My case was settled in a timely manner and I was... read more

    Qadira Jones Avatar Qadira Jones
    December 2, 2021
  • Rand spear is an incredible lawyer. I wouldn’t choose anyone else to handle my case. Drenia in the settlement department was exceptional. She was very polite, returned all of my... read more

    Muhammad McClain Avatar Muhammad McClain
    November 2, 2021

    I was satisfied with the legal team handling my case. They kept me informed. I didn't call them much but when I did they got back to me pretty quick.... read more

    Rodney Watson Avatar Rodney Watson
    February 2, 2022
  • I am so thankful for the expertise shown in the case I referred Rand, and the care in which each step of the process was handled. It was an... read more

    Kevin McDermott Avatar Kevin McDermott
    November 2, 2021

    Great service at Rand Spear's firm. I am pleased with their professionalism and respect they treated me. Thank you attorney Nikolay. All calls were returned timely and all questions were... read more

    Кира Заам Avatar Кира Заам
    December 2, 2021
  • This firm has a list of professional attorneys who take their time to listen to your claim and answer all of your questions. They are very responsive and are... read more

    Dawn Welsh Avatar Dawn Welsh
    November 2, 2021

    I had a great experience with this law firm , once it was time to settle my case Drenia was very informative every time i called and had questions. Rand... read more

    Nadrenia Garner Avatar Nadrenia Garner
    November 2, 2021
  • I have had an assistance for my personal injury case with Nikolay Lukin. He was very helpful and knew his stuff well. I had a good result and was pleased... read more

    Frank Ti Avatar Frank Ti
    December 2, 2021

    My experience overall was great. The person who stood out the most was Chrissy W. She went above and beyond to answer questions and let me know each step of... read more

    Jami Reichardt Avatar Jami Reichardt
    November 2, 2021
  • I had an excellent experience at Rand Spear’s office. Drenia in the settlement department was very pleasant and informative. I would recommend this office over any other law firm in... read more

    Mikaila Garner-Cook Avatar Mikaila Garner-Cook
    November 2, 2021

    I rarely do feedbacks! But.. Attorney Nikolay Lukin is very professional and works extremely hard. He responds to all my requests quickly and respectfully. He always returns my calls and... read more

    Антон Лукин Avatar Антон Лукин
    December 2, 2021
  • I was extremely happy with my experience with Rand! Everything was transparent and explained to me fully. I would recommend Rand to anyone who has been injuries! They got me... read more

    Stephanie Williams Avatar Stephanie Williams
    October 2, 2021

    My case finally settled.i was beyond happy with the outcome of it . The person who worked on my file after it settled was excellent. She stayed in contact with... read more

    Allura Esposito Avatar Allura Esposito
    September 2, 2021
  • I needed someone I could depend on. I needed people I could trust. The accident caused so much stress mentally and physically. This group of individuals delivered in... read more

    Kristy Morris Avatar Kristy Morris
    November 2, 2021

    I feel very respected. They take the time to explain what going on with your case. Everyone at this firm was very professional, and I am pleased with... read more

    Jemima Valley Avatar Jemima Valley
    December 2, 2021
  • This is great personal injury law firm.5+ stars service and responsiveness! Thank you Rand Spear. Special thanks to attorney Nikolay Lukin. We felt like we were in good hands throughout... read more

    Alex Prazdnikov Avatar Alex Prazdnikov
    December 2, 2021

    Nikolay Lukin is a skillful, polite and very helpful attorney. In the legal field he stands out the most! I have never met an attorney like Nikolay, who knows law,... read more

    Maxim Sidorov Avatar Maxim Sidorov
    December 2, 2021

Important FAQ's

Will it Cost Me Anything to Hire Rand?
You pay NOTHING out of pocket when Rand is on your side! We work on what is known as a contingency basis, which means we take our compensation out of what we win for you. That means we are MOTIVATED to win and get TOP DOLLAR for you! We don’t get paid if YOU don’t get paid. That means you can get Rand Spear on your side today with no risk and no out-of-pocket cost.
How Soon After My Injury Should I Get a Lawyer?
This is one of the most common questions we get. Call us now and you'll know in 5 minutes what we can do for you. We have a TRACK RECORD of winning cases like yours! We’ve helped our clients collect over $750,000,000 in compensation for their pain and suffering! Fill out the form on this page and we’ll contact you immediately to discuss the details of your case and provide step-by-step guidance to obtain a maximum settlement. Don't take chances with your case. Call Rand Spear now!
How Much Can I Get for My Claim?
This is one of the most common questions we get. Call us now and you'll know in 5 minutes what we can do for you. We have a TRACK RECORD of winning cases like yours! We’ve helped our clients collect over $750,000,000 in compensation for their pain and suffering! Fill out the form on this page and we’ll contact you immediately to discuss the details of your case and provide step-by-step guidance to obtain a maximum settlement. Don't take chances with your case. Call Rand Spear now!
What Steps Should I Take First After My Accident?
It is normal to have lots of questions after an injury or accident. It can be overwhelming to know where to start, what to do, who to call? Rand is here to help. Don’t trust websites or even well-meaning friends and family when it comes to decisions that can be life-changing. Get the experts on your side right now. Rand treats his clients like family because you need both care AND expert guidance. We provide you with step-by-step guidance from the start. Give us 5 minutes and you'll know exactly what we can do for you!

How Much Will My Personal Injury Case Be Worth?

Tell us about your personal injury case, and we’ll share settlements and awards we’ve received in similar cases. The only way to know what your claim could be worth is to speak with an attorney. There is NO COST to speak with our lawyers right now. Click the button below and fill out the form to get started. We’ve got our team standing by 24/7.

REAL RE$ULTS - Over $750,000,000 Won

Auto Accident - Driver Ran Stop Sign - $2,700,000.00 Won
35-year-old married male was a driver involved in an inter-sectional accident with defendant. Defendant alleged that plaintiff ran through a stop sign. Plaintiff sustained multiple injuries including herniated discs, nerve damage requiring surgery. Because of said injuries, plaintiff was disabled. No offer was initially made then an offer of $5,000 was rejected. Result: Jury verdict in favor of plaintiff and against defendant in the amount of $2,700,000.00.
Truck Injury - Negligent Driver - $975,000.00 Won
36-year-old male chef was a passenger in rear cargo area of Defendant’s truck. While plaintiff was attempting to exit the vehicle, defendant negligently moved the truck causing plaintiff to slip and fall backwards out of the truck. Plaintiff sustained multiple injuries including a basal skull fracture, concussion, and loss of sense of smell. An offer of $125,000 was rejected during trial. Jury verdict in favor of our client awarded $975,000.00.
Fire Injury - Faulty Wiring - $6,600,000.00 Won
38-year-old female had to jump from the 3rd floor of a burning building to the sidewalk. Plaintiff’s counsel was able to establish that the fire was caused by faulty wiring caused by improper maintenance. Injuries included fractures of her back, hip and thigh and a permanent disability. There was no offer made before trial and an offer of $250,000.00 was made at beginning of trial. THE RESULT Jury verdict for plaintiff in amount of $6,600,000.00.
Workplace Injury - Forklift Accident - $400,000.00 Won
46-year-old married male was working in a warehouse when the forks of a forklift struck him. Plaintiff’s counsel was able to establish the brakes failed because of the negligent maintenance of the forklift. Plaintiff sustained serious injuries that included an aggravation of a left hip condition that required surgery, and lower back disc herniations. THE RESULT Case settled for $400,000.00.
Premises Liability - Automatic Door Malfunction - $115,000.00 Won
79-year-old female was legally on defendant’s business premises when automatic doors were caused to swing open due to negligent maintenance injuring plaintiff. Plaintiff sustained significant injuries including a broken hip. THE RESULT Case settled for $115,000.00.
Auto Accident - Driver and Passenger Injured - $355,000.00 Won
31-year-old male and 23 year old female involved in a motor vehicle accident with defendant. Female sustained multiple injuries including a herniated disc and nerve damage. Male sustained multiple injuries including disc bulges and nerve damage. The Result: Female’s claim settled at time of trial for defendant’s policy limits of $100,000.00. A $12,000 offer for male’s claim was rejected. THE RESULT Jury verdict in favor of male plaintiff against defendant in the amount of $350,000.00.
Slip and Fall - Landlord Negligence - $325,000.00 Won
45 year old male fell off of the porch of the building he was living in due to the negligent maintenance of the property by the property’s owner. Plaintiff suffered a lacerated spleen resulting in surgery and blood clots resulting in surgery as well injuries to the back, shoulder and knee. THE RESULT The case proceeded to binding high/low arbitration and an award in the amount of $325,000.00 was issued by the sole arbitrator.
Auto Accident - Limited Tort - $900,000.00 Won
40-year-old female with limited tort insurance was involved in car accident. Plaintiff was on disability before accident but aggravated injuries in accident. Plaintiff claimed nerve injury from accident. No offer was ever made to plaintiff. THE RESULT Jury verdict in favor of plaintiff in the amount of $900,000.00.

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Put Rand to work for you! We are caring with our clients but aggressive when we fight for you! You don’t need just ANY lawyer on your side – you need THE Philadelphia and New Jersey Personal Injury Attorneys working for you.

We know how to win your case because we have a proven track record of winning cases like yours. When you contact Rand Spear, you can expect a prompt response from our team who can answer your questions, arrange medical treatment and gather the necessary evidence to win your case. It is important to have a legal team that knows the ins-and-outs of personal injury cases so that you are properly represented. Don’t take chances with just any lawyer. Rand Spear has a reputation for being one of the best because he gets results. There’s only one Rand Spear! Give us 5 minutes and you’ll know exactly why we’re one of the best and what we can do to get the most compensation for your pain and suffering! Don’t take chances with your case – DEMAND RAND!

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