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When a person dies, it is a tragic and uncertain time for their family. The feelings of sadness and uncertainty are amplified if that death occurred from another party’s negligence, which is known as a wrongful death. Following these incidents, families of the deceased often wish to seek justice by filing a wrongful death claim. 

If you are considering a wrongful death claim, reach out to Spear Greenfield to handle the legal lifting during this difficult time. We understand the importance of achieving justice and will fight to win your wrongful death claim. Spear Greenfield truly cares, so our accidental death lawyers will go the distance, even if that means taking your case to trial for the maximum compensation! We are committed to fighting for your rights, justice, and compensation.

When searching for a legal partner, do not just search “wrongful death lawyers near me” on the internet. Choose the experienced law firm, Spear Greenfield.  As our partner, you do not assume any risk… There is no risk in exploring your legal options with Spear Greenfield, because we offer a free consultation without any pressure or obligation. There is no risk in partnering with Spear Greenfield, because we offer a no fee guarantee. This means we will not accept payment unless you win. We are here to serve your legal needs, so call us first! To schedule this appointment with an accidental death attorney either by phone or online form fill, please click below.

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The legal team at Spear Greenfield has over 200 years of combined experience and has helped many clients with their wrongful death lawsuits. Our 30 years of longevity as a business, and our wrongful death law firm’s successful track record is attributed to the dedication and compassion we have for our clients. One way Spear Greenfield proves that from the start is by offering a free initial consultation, which carries no pressure, obligation, or stress, just information. This appointment allows our legal team to learn more about your wrongful death case and educate you on your legal options. Contact us today to get started.

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Wrongful death cases are complicated due to the emotional strain and the thorough legal process. The involved nature of these claims makes consulting an experienced accidental death lawyer critical. At Spear Greenfield, our legal team possesses over 200 years of combined experience, and through our 30 years in business, we have handled many wrongful death cases. The law firm’s team of talented trial attorneys have experience with guiding cases from first consultation, all the way to a courtroom. Below are some additional reasons to choose Spear Greenfield as your accidental death attorneys.

  • Due to our decades in business, Spear Greenfield has earned respect both inside and outside the courthouse. As a wrongful death law firm composed of successful trial lawyers, with a combined 200 years experience, signing us as your legal partners elevates your status in the courtroom and increases your chance of a favorable outcome.
  • Spear Greenfield is a family owned business that has championed protecting wrongful death victims for over 30 years. Rest assured that partnering with Spear Greenfield makes you a member of our family. As we would fight for our own family members, obtaining the largest settlement or verdict on your behalf is our goal!
  • Due to our experience, dedication, and resources, Spear Greenfield has earned over half a billion dollars in compensation for our clients! We have a track record of success, so partnering with us increases the chance of you reaching justice and maximum compensation!

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If you think you have a wrongful death case, it’s important to at least consult with an experienced accidental death attorney to learn your legal options. Since Spear Greenfield cares about our customers, we offer a free consultation, which includes no pressure, obligation, or stress, just information. This appointment will allow us to learn more about your case and educate you on your legal options. Get the right lawyer, the right advice, right now! 

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    The Process of Filing a Wrongful Death Claim

    When dealing with a wrongful death, it is important to consider your legal options, including whether a wrongful death claim can be filed and who can file the claim. Generally for most states, the personal representative of the deceased’s estate has a window of 6 months to file a wrongful death lawsuit. After the 6 months expires, the opportunity to file a claim opens to any beneficiary. The statute of limitations on filing this claim is two years from the date of the death.
    Case Basics

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    When considering filing a wrongful claim, it is important to at least consult an experienced wrongful death lawyer to learn more about your legal options and receive guidance on the filing process. Reach out to our team of accidental death attorneys today to discuss your legal options.