How Much is My Case Worth?

The worth of each accident claim is considered on a case-to-case basis, which makes information gathering critical in determining a case’s worth. The possible compensation awarded through filing a legal claim is related to the information surrounding your case, including:

  • Accident details
  • Injury severity
  • Insurance coverage for all involved parties
  • Evidence
  • Witnesses present during an accident

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      Please note there is no guaranteed formula to accurately predict the worth of a case, and any law firm that claims this is disingenuous. Our Spear Greenfield legal team utilizes this information to ensure you are considering all types of monetary compensation that you are entitled to from injuries or damages. Some factors our team will consider when evaluating the worth of your legal claim include:

      • Injury type
      • Medical treatments completed since the incidents
      • Future medical treatments needed
      • Recovery time
      • Work missed due to injuries
      • Medical bill amount
      • Permanent scarring or disability
      • The opinion of medical experts

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