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Even though our firm started in the Philadelphia area, we have expanded our legal services to representing clients in the state of New Jersey. To show our commitment to our New Jersey clients, Spear Greenfield has an office located in Cherry Hill, right on Route 38! Even though it is a different state, you will receive the same experience, tenacity, commitment, and customer service that have been the staples of our Philly office. 

“No one will work harder for you” is a slogan that we have branded Spear Greenfield with, because our goal is to exceed our customers’ expectations! We attribute Spear Greenfield’s 30 years of longevity as a Cherry Hill personal injury law firm to our work ethic and client dedication. These qualities have also allowed us to garner respect both in and outside the courtroom. The key difference between our law firm from the other New Jersey firms is our staff of trial attorneys and our willingness to take a case to court when that is in the best interest of our client. When you partner up with Spear Greenfield, we will go the distance for you! To learn more about the benefits of working with Spear Greenfield law firm, please click below.

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When you need an experienced and successful Cherry Hill personal injury attorney, the team at Spear Greenfield is your answer. Our lawyers boast over 200 years of collective experience in settling and litigating personal injury claims. We tenaciously advocate for our clients to get them the most compensation possible, and our results prove that.

Learn more about your options by scheduling a no-cost consultation with a compassionate personal injury attorney today. We’ll discuss the ins and outs of your case and give you honest advice without pressure or obligation. Reach out to a team member online, or call us at 1-800-90-LEGAL. Our phone agents are available 24/7 to support you when you need it most.

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    Resources For Accidents Causing Personal Injury

    Spear Greenfield understands the uncertainty and fear you may experience after a personal injury accident. As the ideal choice among Cherry Hill injury lawyers, we’ve compiled a library of helpful information for you. Browse our resources for getting started, learn how the claims filing process works, or explore our comprehensive personal injury guide.

    Step-By-Step Personal Injury Guide
    Our thorough guide to personal injury claims helps clients understand more about their situation, identify which types of compensation may apply, and explore the benefits of working with an attorney.
    Case Basics
    We want our clients to proactively participate in their cases at a level that's comfortable for them. Our case basics teach clients terminology, establishing liability, case deadlines, and more.
    Getting Started
    Our "Getting Started" guide lists the types of questions your Spear Greenfield representative is likely to ask and the sort of documentation you'll need to provide to build a successful claim.