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Spear Greenfield is proud to announce the addition of our Marlton office! Here on Lincoln Drive East, you’ll find the same hallmarks that distinguish our Philadelphia-based firm from others in the area — unmatched experience, customer service, and a commitment to fighting for our client’s rights.

Our Spear Greenfield team goes to the necessary extremes for our clients. We have an experienced group of attorneys who know what it takes to build a successful case, and we aren’t afraid to present to the court if litigation is necessary.

From your first appointment, you’ll find we embrace our motto, “No one works harder for you.” We show that each day by putting our clients’ best interests first, regardless of the size of the case. This dedication is just one of many reasons to choose Spear Greenfield as your personal injury attorney in Marlton.

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One Greentree Centre, Suite 201
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Get the Representation You Deserve From a Marlton Personal Injury Law Firm

Spear Greenfield is proud to offer you more than two centuries of team experience combined. Our compassionate team will gladly evaluate your case at no cost and provide you with actionable advice. We don’t use high-pressure tactics, and there’s no obligation. Plus, our no-win, no-fee approach means no risk for you. Call 1-800-90-LEGAL around the clock, or reach out online to claim your free appointment today.

You have nothing to lose – contact us today!

    Resources For Your Personal Injury Case

    The time following a personal injury accident can be challenging. You may miss work and spend a lot of time and money getting medical care. There can also be many other issues on your mind, like if filing a claim is right for you or how to proceed.

    We know what you’re going through, and we’d like the privilege to help. As experienced Marlton area injury lawyers, we’ve put together some resources to guide you through the fundamentals.

    Guide To Personal Injury
    In this comprehensive post, you'll learn about the different kinds of personal injury accidents, as well as get advice on determining if you have a claim and tips for choosing the right attorney.
    Basics of Personal Injury Cases
    This comprehensive resource introduces you to the personal injury process, the statute of limitations time frames that apply, and some general terminology.
    Preparing To File A Claim
    Once you've decided to file a claim, you'll want to know more about the benefits of working with an attorney. We share our insights on choosing the right lawyer and preparing for your consultation.