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Whether you need a Philadelphia car accident attorney or one of the city’s most recognized personal injury law firms, Rand Spear and the team at Spear Greenfield is the right choice. With a winning reputation and results to match, Rand Spear and his law firm are ready to fight hard for you. We are aggressive. We are determined. We want to be your law firm. It is time to DEMAND RAND.

We care about you and your case. You are not alone and many people just like you have turned to Spear Greenfield in their time of need. We will fight tooth and nail to get you the money you deserve so you can focus on the important part- your health. Come to our office, meet with us and see for yourself why we are Philadelphia’s choice.

Picking the right attorney can be tough. Spear Greenfield makes it easy. We have been in Philadelphia for over 30 years helping people just like you win the money they deserve. You’ve suffered enough. It’s time to do something! Call us and let’s talk about your situation.

There’s Only One Rand Spear

“Hi, I’m Rand Spear. I’ve been here in center city Philadelphia for over 30 years. I want to be your lawyer. I want to know what I can do to help you. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. So, what are you waiting for? Give me a call.” -Rand

  • Over $250 Million Dollars Won
  • Over 100 Years of Combined Experience
  • A Team That Cares About You
  • A Family-Owned Business
  • No Fees Unless You Win

Your Philadelphia Auto Accident Attorneys

Spear Greenfield is Philadelphia’s choice in auto accident attorneys. If you were hurt by another driver, don’t try and take this on by yourself. You need a team ready to fight for you. While you focus on getting better, we will focus on justice. You need money for your medical bills, lost income and more. We will fight to get it.


Your Philadelphia Slip & Fall Attorneys

If you were hurt in a slip or a trip and fall, you may have a right to sue if it was somebody else’s fault. Whether it was at a house, apartment, store, or on government property, if you are a victim of neglect, we will protect your rights. Don’t suffer any further. Pick the right team. Spear Greenfield has a track record of success. Why not put that to work for you too?

Fear The Spear

“When you come to my firm, we treat you like family. We do this because we ARE family.”

In Philadelphia, everyone knows Rand. Rand wins cases with a personal touch. Rand cares about how you’re feeling, what you’re dealing with and how he can help. He treats every client like family because, with Michael G. Spear, Esq. fighting alongside Rand, Spear Greenfield IS family. With Michael and the Spear Greenfield team, when you call us, they FEAR THE SPEAR.

Client Testimonials

My experience has been outstanding

My experience with Rand has been outstanding. They were able to reach all of my requirements with ease. I highly recommend Rand Spear for those in need of a good lawyer.- Robert J.

I would not go anywhere else

Mr spear has become my attorney, I would never go to anyone else. I did not think my case was worth much because 3 other attorneys told me my case wasn't worth anything and sent me home. Mr. Spear welcomed me into his firm and won me more than 40 thousand dollars. Mr. Spear stands by his commercial and DOES NOT RELENT. Mr. Spear has become MY lawyer and I…- Theresa H.

Rand is the REAL DEAL!

I was in an auto accident in 2013. I was rewarded much more money than I thought possible. Rand is the REAL DEAL. He got me serious compensation and I was more than satisfied with his service. His office is diligent with correspondence, professional at all times and Rand himself is accessible to clients. He made me feel welcome and wanted despite the fact that he runs a high volume…- Tracey N.

Rand Spear is a great lawyer

Rand spear is a great lawyer. He knows what he is doing. I trust him because he has done right by me. My faith is high in him and by the grace of God, he has helped me. he will do the same for you.- Leo

Great firm!

I had a positive experience with Mr. Spear. When the people here say they care about u, they really care. Tyler worked really hard to dispute my medicals with medicare. They tried to take my whole check and he put then in their place. He was so patient. Sometimes I would get fussy and yell at him but he would never yell back, and in the end, he fought hard…- Catherine J.

Extremely pleased

I'm extremely pleased with this law firm. This is my third time using them and I would highly recommend them. They were good with communicating with me all of my calls were returned and they handled everything in a timely fashion. I would definitely use them again.- Greg C.

Great experience

I have had 2 cases with Rand. He is a very good lawyer. All of the staff here are focused on helping their clients. Rand is a hardworking man who is almost always in the office if he is not in court. I speak on my own behalf but I have also had several family members come to Mr. Spear. They also had great experiences.- Joanna P.

My process with rand spear has been amazing.

My process with rand spear has been amazing. I have never gone through a process like this and they have been very professional. They really took the time and explained every process to me. I would refer any and everyone to them. They really are great to work with.- Stephen P.

The right law firm

I would like to recommend Mr. Spear and his team of lawyers because they know how to move out in your time of need. His personal approach made me feel I called the right lawyer to handle my case. His team of lawyers kept me informed all the way up to the settlement. Just give him a call and you will see.- Jordan G.

If you need a lawyer, you need to demand Rand.

If you need a lawyer you need to demand Rand. He is very courteous a will always make time to meet with his clients. And most importantly he got me A LOT OF money. You're cheating yourself if you take your case to anyone else.- Ashlyn S.

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