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Have you been injured in a slip and fall accident? Are you worried about whether you will be able to take care of your lost wages and medical expenses? At Spear Greenfield, our experienced attorneys strive to protect the rights of individuals who have experienced injuries as the result of a slip and fall.

If you trip and fall down, you risk breaking a leg or getting a concussion. Whether you’re visiting a private residence, eating at a restaurant or simply walking down some slippery stairs, what you might consider a minor accident in the moment could lead to serious financial and medical concerns later.

Our legal team shares over a century of combined experience protecting the rights of people in New Jersey and Pennsylvania who have been injured in slip and fall accidents. From ice and snow to cracks in the sidewalk and parking lot accidents, slips and falls can happen just about anywhere. Our slip and fall lawyers have helped people injured in all types of accidents.

You owe it to yourself to consult with an experienced slip and fall accident lawyer before you talk to any insurance adjuster. Our slip and fall accident attorneys work with various experts, including vocational, economic and medical authorities who can help us maximize your accident claim and present the strongest case on your behalf. Contact the slip and fall accident attorneys at Spear Greenfield today to learn how we can help.

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The Process of Proving Negligence After a Slip and Fall Accident

When a person is injured in a slip and fall accident due to another party’s negligence, pursuing legal action may be necessary. The first step is to filer a personal injury claim, through a slip and fall accident law firm. In this legal process, the injured party must prove negligence with evidence showing that the property owner knew or should have reasonably known about the cause of the accident.

Evidence to prove negligence can include medical documentation of the injuries, pictures or videos of the hazard and witnesses to the incident. If successful, the injured party may recover slip and fall accident compensation for any physical, emotional and financial damages incurred from the slip and fall.

Proving someone’s negligence is challenging, making it important to consider the services of an experienced Pennsylvania slip and fall lawyer. Spear Greenfield has been in business for over 30 years and has a proven success record in premises liability cases. Our slip and fall law firm has experience navigating clients through the legal process of examining their personal injury claim and securing slip and fall accident compensation.

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Do I Need a Slip & Fall Injury Attorney?

A slip and fall accident takes place when an individual trips, falls, or slips on another person’s property and suffers an injury. The affected party can file an accident claim when the slip and fall injuries result from a hazardous condition, which the manager or owner of the property should have handled. Slip and fall accident compensation claims can be complicated because a successful claim hinges on the affected individual’s ability to prove multiple elements with strong supporting evidence.

Consulting with a Pennsylvania slip and fall injury attorney is critical if you’ve sustained injuries on another person’s property and want to file a claim. Additional reasons to work with a slip and fall injury lawyer for your accident include the following:

  • The involvement of a slip and fall accident attorney can help you gain the involved property owner’s attention.
  • A lawyer has the resources and experience needed to prove the property owner’s liability in a slip and fall accident case.
  • A personal injury attorney is familiar with the process of proving damages in a slip and fall case.

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Successfully Evaluating a Slip & Fall Accident Law Firm

If you or a loved one has sustained injuries from a slip and fall accident in New Jersey or Pennsylvania, you should contact an experienced personal injury lawyer for a consultation at the very least. A slip and fall accident attorney’s resources, knowledge and expertise can help you to determine whether the property owner’s negligence led to your accident and the resulting injuries. When you hire a premises liability attorney, your likelihood of receiving slip and fall accident compensation increases.

As you begin the process of finding a slip and fall attorney to work with, you should ask each potential partner some key questions.


Do you have experience with cases like mine?


How much success have you had with this type of case?


What will your approach be for my case?


What fees will I be charged?


What are the likely outcomes of my case?


Have you been accused of attorney misconduct in the past?


How will you keep in touch with me?


What will I need to do to help you with my case?

To learn more about the initial evaluation of a Pennsylvania and New Jersey slip and fall lawyer and the information to prepare before your initial consultation, please click on the link below.

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Slip and Fall Accident FAQs

Do you think you might have a slip and fall claim? The answers to these frequently asked questions can provide additional insight into your situation.

What should I do immediately after a slip and fall accident?

If you become injured due to a fall, call 911 or seek medical attention right away. If possible, look around to see what made you slip. If you have access to your phone and are able to use it, take pictures or videos of the scene, especially the hazard that likely caused the incident.

Obtain the contact information from any witnesses. Try to determine who owns or manages the property and get their contact information. Finally, consider contacting an experienced slip and fall lawyer.

I was injured at the home of a friend or family member, but I don’t want to sue them. What should I do to have my costs covered?

Hopefully, your friend or family member carries a homeowners insurance policy that covers your medical expenses and other losses stemming from the incident. Ask for the insurance company’s contact information so you can file a claim. You should initiate the process yourself to avoid potential delays. If the property owner is uninsured, you may need to ask them to pay for your medical costs out of their pocket or request them to attend a mediation session to resolve the issue.

What if the accident happened on a rental property?

The landlord or property owner is often responsible for maintaining the common areas of a rental property, such as a walkway leading to the building. Determine if the owner carries insurance and file a claim as quickly as possible.

If you fall in a location that a tenant is responsible for, like the inside of an apartment, see if the individual has renters insurance that covers the incident. Depending on the situation, the landlord could also be liable.

My slip and fall injury was on public property. Can I still sue?

What happens if you slip and fall on a property owned by the government or another public entity? Generally, if the organization is negligent in its maintenance and upkeep, it can be deemed liable for the incident. However, you’ll need to follow strict rules when pursuing a legal remedy or filing a lawsuit, which will vary depending on the institution. You’ll also need to send notice within the designated time frame.

How long after an accident can you sue?

Each state has a statute of limitations that dictates how long an individual has to make a legal claim against another party in any personal injury situation, including slip and fall incidents. In Pennsylvania, the length of time is two years from the date of an accident occurring on private property and six months when sending a notice of an intent to sue to a state, county or city government entity.

How do I know if I have a case?

If you have suffered a slip and fall injury, your best recourse is to contact a personal injury lawyer with extensive experience in this area. Your attorney will examine the facts related to your situation and obtain any evidence or documentation that supports your case. The lawyer can also help you pursue the most viable legal avenues for obtaining slip and fall compensation, whether it’s settling with the insurance company or filing a lawsuit.

What is premises liability?

This legal concept often applies to personal injury cases like slip and fall situations where an unsafe condition caused an accident. To win a premises liability lawsuit, the injured party must prove that the property owner was negligent and that the negligence contributed to the incident.

If someone is injured on your property, are you liable?

Just as you can sue another party for causing a slip and fall accident, the same can happen to you. You may need a slip and fall attorney who can defend you in these situations. You should also carry a sufficient amount of property insurance with liability coverage to protect your assets if the outcome goes against you.

How long does a slip and fall case take?

The length of these cases varies depending on multiple factors. For instance, if your slip and fall lawyer pursues a settlement, it may take several weeks or months to resolve the issue. If you decide to file a lawsuit, it will likely take longer to see a result, especially if the case goes to trial. Contacting an attorney as quickly as possible is essential to expedite the process.

Why Choose Spear Greenfield?

When you pursue a lawsuit related to a slip and fall injury, you must consider the specifics that come with filing a personal injury claim. Due to the the difficulty of proving the other party’s negligence, do not just search “slip and fall attorneys near me”. Reach out to one of Philadelphia’s best slip and fall law firms, Spear Greenfield! Our legal team consists of several premises liability lawyers with extensive experience handling slip and fall cases. We understand the nuances of these types of cases, including statutes of limitations, which mean you have a limited timeframe to file a lawsuit legally. Some of the advantages of partnering with Spear Greenfield for your slip and fall accident needs are as follows:

  • We offer a team of experienced trial attorneys who will not sell you short by settling prematurely. The majority of our slip and fall lawyers have taken cases from the beginning all the way to a jury verdict.
  • The Spear Greenfield law firm puts clients first by carefully working through each case and fighting tirelessly to make sure clients receive the highest amount of slip and fall injury compensation they’re entitled to, whether through a trial or a settlement.
  • At Spear Greenfield, we have a team of slip and fall accident attorneys who are skilled and experienced enough to help clients navigate the process of personal injury cases and meticulous enough to take care of all the details that come with them.

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Slip & Fall Accident Verdicts & Settlements

This brief summary of some of our recent slip and fall verdicts and settlements shows our track record of success with these cases.

stairs icon
Fall from porch due to negligent maintenance.
stairs icon
Stairwell fall from a defective handrail.
wet floor sign icon
Slip and fall from a wet floor.
automatic doors icon
Malfunctioning automatic doors due to negligent maintenance.
wet floor sign icon
Slip and fall from an icy sidewalk.
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Slip and fall from icy steps.

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If you or someone you love has been involved in a slip and fall accident, it is important to reach out to a slip and fall accident law firm. You could be entitled to seek financial compensation for the damages you sustained. We offer free initial consultations, which means that you stand to lose nothing by reaching out to us. When you work with the slip and fall injury attorneys at Spear Greenfield, you can rest assured that you have an experienced legal team behind you.

The slip and fall accident lawyers at Spear Greenfield have over 100 years of combined experience representing the injured parties that suffered due to another party’s negligence. Our team is ready to fight on your behalf to obtain maximum compensation. To schedule a free consultation with our slip and fall law firm, contact Spear Greenfield today.