How Do I Sue After an Airport Accident in Pennsylvania?

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February 14, 2020

There are thousands of people in airports at any given time. There are many people who travel for either work or pleasure. In doing so, any worries that they may have are usually associated with actually being in the air, not on the ground. However, it is possible for travelers to be involved in an accident at the airport if the grounds are not properly taken care of. These accidents can cause serious physical, emotional, and financial damages as a result. It is important to know that, in these situations, victims can seek financial compensation to cover the costs of these damages. This may be possible with the assistance of an experienced Pennsylvania personal injury attorney.

How Do Airport Accidents Happen?

There are over 100 airports in Pennsylvania, varying in size and capacity. Often times, there are many amenities included inside to keep travelers entertained as they wait for their flight. This can include eateries, bars, shops, and more. When these locations are not taken care of by those who are required to do so, hazards can arise that put people in danger. Some common hazards that cause airport accidents can include broken sidewalks, insufficient lighting, spills, defective machineries such as elevators or escalators, unsafe stairs, and more.

What Do I Do After an Airport Accident?

When a person is injured in an airport accident, the first thing they should do is contact emergency services. This allows the police and an ambulance to be aware of the incident so they can come to the scene. Once the police arrive, they can document the incident in a police report. While this gathers a great deal of information, it is important to also speak with any witnesses to get their contact information for future statements of how the accident happened. It is also crucial to take pictures or videos of the scene as proof.

When an ambulance arrives, they can take the injured party to the hospital where they can be treated for any injuries they have. This does not only provide treatment, but also documentation of the injuries and their extent. All of this can be used as evidence in court to prove a personal injury claim with the help of an attorney.

How Long Do I Have to Sue?

Airports are run by the government on either a federal, state, county, or town level. When a person is injured at an airport and wishes to sue for compensation, they are suing a privately-owned entity. It is because of this that they must file a Notice of Claim. This provides the government entity with notice that a lawsuit is being brought against them. The state of Pennsylvania allows six months from the date of the injury to file a written Notice of Claim.

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