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Ran Spear, the Accident Attorney: Do you have the Spear Guarantee?
August 7, 2015

Philadelphia’s accident attorney Rand Spear has focused his practice on helping injury victims for nearly 30 years by aggressively protecting their rights.

If you live in the Philadelphia area and you or a loved have suffered an injury due to the negligence of another, who can you trust to protect your legal rights? Over the last ten years personal injury attorney Rand Spear has filed more personal injury lawsuits in Philadelphia than any other attorney, he states in a Google+ Hangout available on YouTube.

Spear says he started a general legal practice thirty years ago but chose to focus only on helping those who’ve been injured. His personal injury practice has served clients for 27 years. He started with a practice that was just he and a paralegal. Now Spear and thirteen attorneys, including two partners, paralegals and administrative staff serve the needs of the injured in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. “We strategize about how to handle a case, how to put together a case and we call it Team Spear. We all work together as a team.”

“We’ve grown over the years,” Spear says, “The word got around that I do a good job, the public was happy with my performance and over the years we’ve grown…We’re very good at what we do. We’re very aggressive. We’re very assertive.”

What drives Spear and his law firm is his desire to help people. “For me it’s all about the client. It’s what’s in the best interest of the client. At the end of the day I want to do the best job. I want to get them the money they deserve.”

“I file many, many lawsuits to force the insurance companies to take these claims seriously,” he says. “We’re in court all the time. We’re fighting for the clients and we’re not afraid. If insurance companies don’t take us seriously we’ll go all the way.”

Spear says his experience helps him litigate for his clients, because he’s developed a deep knowledge of the judicial system and the judges who decide his clients’ cases. “I’ve been going to court for over thirty years so I’ve basically grown up with a lot of the judges. We’re professional and we’re hard working and I think the judges respect what we do. It gives us a competitive edge over someone who comes into the courthouse and doesn’t really know what they’re doing or who they’re meeting with or what’s expected of them.”

If you have questions about a possible injury case or want to find out if Rand Spear is the right personal injury attorney for you, call his office at 888-373-4LAW. He helps those injured in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

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