Recovering Compensation Following a Car Accident in Pennsylvania

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November 27, 2019
Legally Reviewed By Attorney Rand Spear, Esq.

Cars are one of the most popular methods of transportation that are used by people to get to where they need to be. When operating a car, drivers have a legal obligation to do so safely and to the best of their ability. However, not all drivers live up to this standard. When people drive negligently, they can cause serious accidents to other motorists on the road. This can lead to significant physical, emotional, and financial damages. If you were injured in a car accident, it is important to retain the services of an experienced attorney for assistance recovering compensation for these damages.

Common Types of Car Accidents

  • Rear-end collisions: These accidents tend to occur when a driver is not paying attention and hits the car in front of them. This may be the case if they do not realize traffic has stopped in front of him, leading to a crash. When this happens, the vehicle that is rear-ended vehicle is rarely at fault.
  • Low-speed collisions: These accidents usually happen in locations such as parking lots, and are generally in the form of one car backing into another.
  • T-bone collisions: These accidents occur at intersections when one driver goes through the traffic light at the same time as another driver, causing them to collide.
  • Single-vehicle collisions: These accidents happen when a driver slides off the road, usually a result of icy or dangerous road conditions, and hits a fixed object on the side of the road.

Am I Eligible for Financial Compensation?

After a person is injured due to the negligence of another driver, they usually want to pursue legal action in order to seek justice for their suffering. This can be done with a personal injury claim that serves to hold the negligent driver responsible for the injuries they caused. During this time, the injured party must prove, with evidence, that the driver acted negligently, thus leading to the accident and their injuries. Evidence that can be used in court can include security camera footage, witness testimony, medical documentation regarding the injuries you have sustained, pictures of the accident, police reports, and more.

If the individual is successful in proving negligence, they may be eligible to recover significant compensation. This exists as coverage for any damages that stem from the accident. As people can suffer physically and emotionally, it is possible to recover economic and non-economic compensation. Economic compensation covers damages such as medical bills, loss of income, loss of future income, and more. Non-economic compensation covers emotional traumas such as pain and suffering, loss of quality of life, and more.

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