Traffic Accidents Cause Deaths and Injuries in Pennsylvania and New Jersey

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December 8, 2015

Traffic accidents are all too common. Rand Spear warns drivers to be especially careful at intersections and get medical attention if injured in an accident.

Many of us drive our vehicles every day without thinking about getting into a traffic accident. But the reality is that those accidents happen practically all the time. Rand Spear, Philadelphia’s accident attorney, represents accident victims who’ve suffered injuries. He talked about accidents in a recent Google+ hangout.

The Pennsylvania State Police report that in 2014 there were about 121,000 traffic accidents in the state resulting in roughly 12,000 deaths and 80,000 injuries. In 2012 there were 589 people killed in vehicle accidents in New Jersey, according to the state’s Department of Law and Public Safety.

Spear says drivers should be especially aware when they’re at intersections where accidents are most likely to occur. “Whether it has a traffic control device or a stop sign, that’s where you really need to be careful because you never really know what the other driver is doing, what they’re thinking or who has the right of way,” he warns.

There are any number of injuries a person could suffer in a vehicle accident depending on how your vehicle is struck and what happens inside it in the course of the accident, according to Spear. “In the majority of accidents there seem to be skeletal injuries involving the back and neck. You could also have soft tissue injuries, often times more serious than skeletal injuries. You could have a herniated disc in your back or neck. We also have a fair number of clients with fractures.”

The vehicles most commonly involved in accidents are passenger vehicles because they have the highest number on the roads. That’s followed by SUV’s, light trucks, heavy trucks, motorcycles, bicycles and buses.

If you’re involved in a traffic accident Spear suggests,

  • You pull the vehicle to the side of the road to avoid a second accident and determine if you, your passengers and those in the other vehicle are injured.
  • You should call 911 to notify police and ask for an ambulance if you or another person is in pain. Because of the stress of the situation you may not realize you’re injured so you need to get medical attention as soon as possible.
  • Get information on the other vehicle such as the license plate number, make and model. If possible use a cell phone to take pictures or videos of your vehicle, the other vehicle, the roadway and anything that may have contributed to the accident.
  • If you or a loved one has been injured in a traffic accident, promptly call Rand Spear the accident lawyer’s office at 888-373-4LAW to protect your legal rights. He helps those injured in Pennsylvania and New Jersey obtain fair compensation for their injuries.

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